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4 Reasons Customers Love Survey-Based Contests

People love getting things for free. But perhaps, there is nothing better than excellent customer service when it comes to the “freebies” that customers want the most. After all, getting customer service that fosters great customer experiences is what people expect. And they shouldn’t have to pay extra for it. This is why, at MeloTel, we’ve combined the two concepts by offering our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey $100.00 giveaway!

Each month in 2015, we will be giving away $100.00 to one lucky MeloTel client who takes the time to fill our survey. Obviously, this gives one of our customers the chance to be $100.00 richer each month. But, just as importantly, the contest provides MeloTel with important information about how to provide the best possible service in our industry. Now, that’s a freebie we plan on giving all of our customers each and every day!

Arguably, our Customer Satisfaction Survey is the best kind of contest a company can run. Firstly, it promises contestants the chance to win cash – which can also be argued is the best prize of all. But secondly, it serves to improve our company. Have you run any contests at your place of business? Have you considered the impact that it will have on your customer relationships? Here are four reasons we feel that customers love survey-based contests.

1. It makes them feel part of something special. Gone are the days when companies simply advertised to their customer base. Today, it’s all about getting customers involved. The advent of social media helps for the general public to have a lot more say in the ways in which companies do business. So when you hold a contest that involves a survey, it calls upon people to voice their opinions about your brand. This helps them to feel that they are influencing change.

2. It gives customers a voice. Who are the best people to decide upon what your makes your customers happy? You guessed it. Your customers! Who better to fill you in on the ways in which you can improve your customer service practices? By offering them opportunities to share their thoughts, you allow them to use voices that often go unheard. Most people believe that their feedback is insignificant. Your contest will prove different.

3. It provides more value to the relationship. Of course, customers like to have their voices heard. When they provide feedback through a survey that effectively brings about change, it will please them for the long haul. But keeping in mind that there is the potential for a prize when providing that feedback, it adds another reason for people to do business with your company. Who wouldn’t like the opportunity to earn a prize for their efforts?

4. It’s fun! At the end of the day, we all want to enjoy ourselves. Your customers can either come to you to make purchases now and again, or they can truly enjoy each of their experiences, encouraging them to keep coming back. Contests build excitement. They give people something to hope for and look forward to. The more contests you hold, the more excitement you build for your brand. And again, your survey-based contests will continue to provide you with valuable information.

Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey today! It will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and it could bring you that much closer to an extra $100.00 in your pocket at the end of the month. As long as you have had an interaction with a member of our technical support staff, you are eligible to enter our contest. Congratulations once again to our first two winners, Denise Lawrence of Synergy Marketing (January) and Brad Atkin of Canadian POS Corporation (February).

The next winner could be you!