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4 Phone Etiquette Practices That Showcase Excellent Customer Service

When you’re speaking with someone on the phone, you don’t have the advantage of eye contact, hand gestures and facial expressions to communicate your mood. With only your voice as a communication source, it’s imperative that you become a master of using the correct tone and speed. The inflections in your voice are what will either endear you to your callers…or turn them off!

But it’s not all about the sound of your voice. To be considered a true provider of excellent customer service, it’s imperative that you follow certain phone etiquette practices. Here are four:

1. Ask, don’t demand.

Some phone agents get caught up in the monotony of their jobs and end up hurling out the same phrases to everyone. Spewing out a “hold please” may seem perfectly acceptable when it’s the 100th person you’ve placed on hold within a day. However, it’s unacceptable to that person who’s only heard it the one time. That person may also have many other businesses and their representatives to compare you to on any given day.

Substitute a “hold please” for a polite, “May I please place you on hold for a minute or two?” It may seem like a small change, but it will make a big difference. Use this policy for all requests. Change quick and to-the-point phrases like “name on the account” to “May I have the name on the account please?”

2. Don’t forget to be on your P’s and Q’s.

The same advice you were given as a child is the advice that you should be taking today. It’s doesn’t ever hurt to say “please” and “thank you”, so don’t forget to use these words in healthy doses. The words express respect. And it’s an important element of any relationship. No one likes to be taken for granted. So it’s wise to always show your customers that you appreciate them. As common as they are, offering these simple gestures will go a long way in boosting your brand’s image.

3. Be on your W’s as well.

This may sound silly, but it’s important to add that you should never be above offering a “you’re welcome”. When a customer thanks you, be sure to acknowledge it. To reiterate an earlier-made pint, it’s often the little things that have the biggest impacts. If a customer gets off the phone with you and feels that the interaction was less than pleasant, it can often be enough to keep that customer from ever calling back.

4. Call back if the call gets disconnected.

No matter how busy your work day may be, it’s always important to finish what you started before jumping on to another task. If you’re on a call that gets disconnected, don’t leave it up to the customer to reconnect the conversation. Take the initiative to call back and show that you value the customer’s business.

This will also showcase your company’s ability to make things easy for customers. Allowing them to avoid having to dial you up after a disconnected call is a favour that won’t be forgotten. Again, small things make big differences.

Now, you have the tools to offer excellent customer service over the phone…but do you have the right phone service? For more information about MeloTel’s cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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