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4 Big Benefits Of Conference Calling

Is there a busier person in the world than a small business owner? The point can be argued. But, as any entrepreneur knows, it’s pretty hard to compete with the busy schedule that small business owners have. Not only are they required to run their businesses, but they have to hire employees, come up with advertising strategies and often service their customers directly. Naturally, this entails a lot of planning, a number of meetings and countless phone calls.

Sounds tiring just reading it all, doesn’t it? Although business owners – no matter how big or small their businesses are – have a lot to contend with, they can never be in two places at once. This fact is what has helped MeloTel develop and grow its Commercial Phone Services into the multi-functional tools that they are today. As mentioned, business owners have a lot on their plates. Being able to communicate effectively with all those they do business with is important.

This is where business conference calls come in so handy. A conference call is basically having a meeting without actually being at the meeting. It can involve three or more people on the phone at once. This allows for various individuals to all communicate with each other no matter where in the world they may be. Conference calls come in especially handy for urgent business issues that need immediate attention.

Here are four big benefits of conference calling:

1. It saves time and money. In many cases, business owners are required to hop on planes and travel to far destinations in order to conduct their important business meetings. Obviously, this requires a lot of time and money. There are instances, however, when this can be avoided. Conference calls do away with unneeded travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and gas.

2. It helps to remedy situations quickly. Playing the “middle man” is annoying. In both your personal and professional life, it can be quite frustrating having to pass someone else’s message to another person. For example, some business owners have to pass along information from their manufacturers to their raw material suppliers. Conference calls put everyone in touch at the same time, allowing you to cut out the middle man so that problems can be resolved a lot quicker.

3. It allows your company to expand. As mentioned, conference calling enables you to connect with people in different locations across the world all in one conversation. For company owners looking to expand into other markets, conference calling can be a wonderful business-building tool. Conducting business over the phone in this way can work wonders in helping companies to grow internationally.

4. It enables you to stay focused. Conference calls are generally slated for specific dates and times. Generally, there is an agenda to follow so that each participant knows what is to be discussed and how long the discussion is supposed to be. Conference call etiquette, if you will, is such that it allows for business to be attended to in efficient manners. As a result, meetings are kept focused and are often quite productive.

As we pointed out earlier, conference calling is just one of the many features that are available with MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. The benefits that we pointed out in today’s blog are only the beginning. And making the switch to MeloTel, so that you can take advantage of these benefits, is a lot easier than you may think. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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