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Introducing The All New “Service Status Dashboard”!

Last week, the MeloTel Blog paid particularly close attention to the concept of providing customers exactly what they want. A focus on customer satisfaction should be a top priority for any business owner, no matter his or her industry. Such benefits as garnering customer loyalty, increasing sales and growing a widespread respect for your brand were all listed as reasons to focus on giving customers what they want.

We also unveiled the fact that MeloTel now offers its clients an exclusive 411 concierge service! Practicing what we preach, we couldn’t help but notice that a 411 service is exactly what MeloTel clients have been asking for. Recognizing this need, we not only launched our new 411 service, but we’re offering it to our MeloTel clients for FREE until the first of November! And we’re not done yet!

You see, at MeloTel, we consider it a top priority to always keep our customers in the loop. Considering that we offer them a wide variety of services, it’s important for us to keep them updated about service statuses that may be impacting some or all of the services that they subscribe to. We’ve always been very attentive to customer needs. But we feel that we’ve now taken that commitment one step further.

Introducing MeloTel’s all new “Service Status Dashboard”! By clicking on this new and improved page of the MeloTel website, customers will get up-to-the-minute information about the current state of all MeloTel services. Any and all service interruptions will be reported along with information about expected times of resolutions. Also known as the MeloTel Networks Operations Status page, the dashboard is a great information source for clients.

And we’ve made it very easy for you to subscribe! All that you need to do is simply click on the “Subscribe To Updates” button that you’ll find on the dashboard page. This will enable you to receive critical updates regarding our services via email, SMS, RSS and even Twitter! While all of these methods seem to be very popular among MeloTel clients, we’ve noticed that the majority of our customers really love the SMS portion.

There seems to be no faster way to be informed about any incidents or maintenances when they happen. By subscribing, you will receive information about any service interruptions immediately. You will also be instantly informed of when such problems are resolved. A quick look at the “Service Status Dashboard” will also keep you up-to-date on any scheduled maintenance.

As well, it keeps record of any past incidents and their resolutions. The new dashboard literally provides a daily report on any and all MeloTel service issues. For example, on September 3rd, we reported the following: “MeloTel VoIP infrastructure and software is being upgraded. During this time we will also be increasing our scale ability and future growth initiatives.” The major upgrade and migration is scheduled for October 23rd to the 26th.

The new “Service Status Dashboard” gives you quick and easy access to the current state of all MeloTel services by using a very simple display. A checkmark placed beside a service name denotes that the service is operational There are other symbols, explained by a legend, to indicate if services are experiencing degraded performance, partial outages or major outages. Go ahead and subscribe today!

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