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4 Advantages Of Hiring Remote Workers

To run a business, an entrepreneur needs to cross a lot of T’s and dot a lot of I’s. Among their many tasks are coming up with sound advertising strategies, handling customer queries and stocking adequate inventory. Obviously, these requirements are part of a much longer list. But, it’s important to highlight one of the most important jobs that a business owner has. And that’s hiring and firing staff.

In most cases, hiring managers need to consider the space allowances made by their places of business when deciding upon the number of staff members they plan on hiring. But with VoIP technology, no business is bound by the amount of physical space in their places of operation. The ability to have people work remotely is one of the biggest benefits of having the internet a company’s chief means of communication.

Remote workers are becoming more prevalent nowadays. They allow for businesses to hire competent staff members from locations on the planet that would otherwise not have made them eligible for the jobs. Again, office space ceases to be a concern. You can imagine the amount of money saved on rental space as well as office equipment when you take advantage of VoIP and hire remote workers. But what other advantages are there?

Here are four:

1. Remote workers tend to be more productive. When people have the opportunity to either work from home or an office space of their choosing, they are generally a lot more comfortable. Research has shown that remote workers tend to work extra hours since they aren’t generally forced to adhere to specific schedules that require them to use up travel time to get to and from work. As a result, more of their time is devoted to actual work.

2. Remote workers tend to be less stressed. It should be reiterated that eliminating commute time for your staff members is a big deal. Research has also shown that the longer people have to travel to get to work, the more miserable they are. That should come as no surprise. By having remote workers, you are a lot more likely to have them remain members of your staff for a lot longer than the average employee.

3. It saves your employees money. Saving your business is money is always a good thing. But there are many benefits to having your employees save money too. Obviously, this will help to keep them happy and more productive. Not having to travel to work means not having to fork out dough for either gas or bus tickets. The amount of yearly savings is pretty substantial no matter how close to work your remote employees may live.

4. It gives you access to global talent. As we specified earlier, having remote workers brings down the barriers associated with location. The distance between one’s home and your place of business no longer matters. That means that you can truly hire the most qualified person for the position you need to fill, regardless of where that individual is physically located in the world. Hiring highly talented people only serves to improve the reputation of your business.

At MeloTel, we offer Commercial Phone Services, DaFeeder Preview Dialer and other VoIP-based options that allow your company to hire staff members that work in remote locations. We literally have the ability to help your brand go global! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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