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3 Ways Blogs Can Bring You More Business

In our last blog, we revisited the power of blogging and pointed out just how much blogs can make your business look better. At MeloTel, we take great pride in the fact that our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire don’t just make our website look good, they also significantly change the images of our clients’ company websites.

Let’s work together to take your site from being a stagnant entity to a constantly updated source of news, customer service and industry-related information! Here are three ways blogs can bring you more business:

1. They help to grow your client base.

It’s hard to come up with any business strategy that doesn’t have business growth as its ultimate objective. Don’t assume that blogging is a frill or fruitless endeavour. It’s quite the opposite. A regularly updated blog is bound to attain a growing readership. The more people who visit your blog, the more opportunities your company gets to turn readers into paying customers. It all starts with your first post!

“Static websites don’t attract many new clients or customers,” informs Nick Scheidies of, “But a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from all around the world. When you publish in-depth blog posts that help potential clients/customers solve their problems, they come to trust you and respect you as an expert in the field.”

2. They provide non-intrusive marketing.

Television commercials, print ads, radio spots, flyers, billboards – all of these age-old marketing strategies are known for a particularly commonality: blatant advertising. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. All companies needs to advertise. Blogs, however, market businesses in ways that are less about products and services and more about engaging with target audiences. They are more personable than the average ad and call readers to interact with the brand.

“For companies and entrepreneurs, gaining online visibility is one of the best ways to grow subscribers, leads and ultimately revenue,” says Gary Dekmezian of HuffPost, “This can’t be achieved with a static corporate website. Creating blog content that is valuable, helpful, and/or entertaining is an effective way to grow your website’s authority, online rankings, and traffic.”

3. They position you as a leader in your industry.

Trust is so important. When customers contact you, they’re looking for help from a trusted source in your industry. To prove you are that trusted source, your blogs should demonstrate your knowledge of all things related to your industry. They shouldn’t, however, read as if you’re speaking over anyone’s head. Eliminating jargon and writing as you would speak is an ideal way to show that you are a leader in your industry who is willing to help anyone.

“Over time, as you write more posts and share more of your expertise, you’re website will change from ‘just another blog’ into a powerful demonstration of your knowledge in a field,” notes Scheidies, “When somebody visits your site and sees the insights you’ve shared on a subject, along with the community of people who respect and seek that insight, it will be clear that you’re genuinely an expert in the field.”

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