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Why It’s Best To Treat Customers Like Friends

In our past two blogs, we championed the act of blogging because, among many other reasons, it positions your company as a “friend” to its supporters. As we’ve highlighted, in today’s world, consumers want more than just products and services. They want to be able to put their trust in particular brands so they can go back to them time and time again for what they need.

Today, a dependable company is like a trusted friend.

Not only does it enjoy repeat business from loyal customers, it also enjoys referrals. Who doesn’t like to pass along the good news about finding an amazing and trustworthy company to friends and family? Finding a great company is often seen as a great accomplishment. Your business will be richly rewarded for treating its customers like friends.

“Consumers choose brands like they choose friends,” insists, “Treat your customers like good friends and you’ll have customers for life. What’s more, they will flaunt their friendship status and tell their friends about your brand and so doing your loyal customer base and sales keeps growing happily ever after.”

What can you do to treat your customers like friends?

Keep in touch! As far as the MeloTel team is concerned, keeping in touch with customers is arguably the best way to declare that your company is interested in growing friendships. And with all of today’s communication technology, keeping in touch is easy. At MeloTel, we like to deliver regular newsletters, send out personal emails and put in phone calls just to make sure our clients know we’re thinking about them.

Doing so gives us opportunities to check in to ensure our clients are happy with the services we’ve already provided them. It also enables us to inform our clients about our other services and special offers. Providing this exclusive and often privileged information helps to strengthen the relationships we’ve created, giving our brand a stronger chance to enjoy repeat business and garner referrals.

Industry experts agree that keeping in touch is a key to business success.

On his customer service blog, Shep Hyken explains just how important it is for business owners to keep in touch with their customers. He details his own experience as a customer and explains how the efforts of particular merchants keep him loyal to their brands.

“Not long ago I went shopping for some new clothes,” he details, “Several days later I received a thank you note. Two months later I received a post card, signed by my salesperson, announcing the latest sale. A couple months after that there was a message on my voice mail from this salesperson just “checking in” and telling me that the new season’s clothes had just arrived. This guy is good. He has a system. He keeps track of his customers and keeps in touch with them.”

Trust in your friend, MeloTel!

At MeloTel, we proudly offer numerous ways for business owners to stay in touch with their customers and treat them like friends. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn all about our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services and special features such as Single Number Reach. Call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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