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3 Smart Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses

If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve hopefully already come to realize that you have numerous advantages over major corporations. That may sound like an odd thing to say, but consider the fact that small businesses are able to form and develop stronger relationships with their smaller client bases.

Customers care about this. Make no mistake about it. When you’re able to address your repeat customers by their first names, it goes a long way in securing their loyalty for the long-haul. With that said, it’s important to remember that you still need to market your business. But, remember that doing so doesn’t require the big budgets that major corporations use. It requires some creativity and an ability to connect with your customer base in a personal way.

Here are three smart marketing tactics for small businesses:

1. Create instructional videos.

Is there anyone out there who isn’t on social media? Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, videos are among the most popular posts you’ll find on social media. Creating an instructional video that demonstrates the benefits of your products and/or services is a great way to get seen and a great way to garner interest. This is especially true if millennials are part of your company’s target audience.

“Video content is really valuable, and while it can cost big bucks to get professional YouTube videos produced, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a shot yourself or hiring a film student off Craigslist,” notes Megan Marrs on, “Wistia offers a great video tutorial showing you how to shoot expert-looking footage on your regular old iPhone!”

2. Take advantage of content marketing.

To put it bluntly, this is exactly what we’re doing right this very second! This blog is an example of content marketing. It offers helpful information to entrepreneurs while also promoting a service. The impact of this very blog post is found in the fact that it a) will help the MeloTel website rank higher in Google searches for “small business marketing” and b) will help to advertise our latest innovation.

“You should create relevant content showcasing your business values and the care you take to resolve people’s problems with your products or services,” agrees, “Then, distribute the content through a wide range of channels online. This way of content marketing is a proven tactic to drive the traffic towards your business from varied sources.”

3. Sign up for MeloText!

See what we mean? As much as we totally believe in taking advantage of a variety of small business marketing methods, the MeloTel team is excited to offer our new MeloText service and confidently stand behind it as a must-have for small business owners. As a reminder, MeloText is a Text Message & SMS/MMS Marketing Software Platform that allows business owners to grow their mobile audiences, better engage their clients and increase their sales.

It couldn’t be easier to set up your account – register HERE! For more information about MeloText, feel free to visit the brand new MeloText website. And, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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