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Why Adding The Personal Touch Matters So Much

At MeloTel, it’s important to us that we grow the relationships we have with our clients. We know that simply offering high-quality services isn’t enough. Of course, we’re insistent on providing top-of-the-line cloud-hosted services, but we know that our brand won’t be set apart from others if we don’t put efforts into getting to know our customers.

By understanding the specific needs and wants of each of our clients, we’re able to cater our services to them in more personalized ways. Not to mention, we enjoy having more genuine and friendly interactions with them whenever conversations take place. “How did Benny do at his softball tournament?” is a lot better than “How are you today?” in the world of adding the personal touch to your business interactions.

Better serve your clients.

To reiterate, getting to know your customers in a more personal way will help you to serve them better. You can tailor your products and services in ways that will better suit their needs. For example, MeloTel clients who work traditional work hours within the four walls of their places of business don’t necessarily need Single Number Reach. However, the business person who is regularly on the go should definitely receive an email about it.

“It can pay to allow your customers to feel like unique individuals,” insists Mark Asquith of Excellence Expected, “Let’s say you send out a product for delivery that was purchased online. Could it be that sending out a list of products tailored to their potential purchasing tastes could help them find more services or products you offer naturally? This shows you understand their taste and you are there to cater for them.”

Utilize various methods of keeping in touch.

We mentioned email earlier. Allow us to highlight the fact that there are so many ways to keep in touch with your clients, there is really no excuse not to. In addition to email, there’s the good old telephone, and MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services come with so many features, it makes keeping in touch a breeze. And let’s not forget Live Chat. That feature, on our website, has allowed countless internet users to contact us for immediate support.

“Live chats are a great way to receive feedback from your clients,” blogger, Doug Sandler points out on his website, “They are free to host and add that personal touch. Instead of sending out surveys or online forms, live chats ensure that your customers understand that they are really being listened to. If handled correctly, they can deal with any complaints or queries a lot more effectively than other methods of communication.”

Sign up for MeloText!

If you ask the MeloTel team, there is arguably no better way to add the personal touch to your business relationships than to use our brand new, revolutionary MeloText service. In short, it enables you to send messages to your subscribers with ease. And, as we pointed out in our blogs last week, we’re currently running a special limited time offer for everyone who signs up.

By registering for MeloText today, you’ll receive 500 FREE SMS credits as soon as your account is activated! Register HERE! For more information about MeloText, feel free to visit the brand new MeloText website. And, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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