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3 Signs That You’re A Champion Communicator

In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of remaining in communication with your colleagues, co-workers and clients while you’re on vacation. As a business owner, you don’t have a much of a choice. Yes, you are definitely entitled to some much-needed time away from the office in order to relax, recharge and enjoy the fruits of your labour. However, as the face of the company, it’s vital that you remain accessible to all who depend on you.

Now, let’s consider just how important it is to be an effective communicator when you’re not on vacation. As the boss, you’re depended upon to answer questions and resolve any potential issues. Your clients look to you as a trusted source of information and assistance whenever it’s required. Your ability to communicate is, in many cases, what sets your brand apart from its competitors. How good a job are you doing?

Here are three signs you’re a champion communicator:

1.  You listen.

There’s no possible way to be an effective communicator if you’re not listening. Savvy business owners get it right – the first time! – because they’ve paid attention to the unique concerns had by the members of their customer bases. It’s vital that you actively listen so that you know exactly what your clients are looking for. As Chris Joseph points out on, clarity of communication is important when trying to understand what customers truly need.

“Attaining clarity often involves asking key questions to gain a better understanding of the customer’s situation,” he writes, “Providing the customer with a clear understanding of what actions you intend to take the remedy the situation along with a specific time frame leaves little doubt in her mind of what to expect and eliminates confusion or misunderstandings.”

2. You’re polite.

This one should be a no-brainer, shouldn’t it? If you don’t understand the extreme importance of politeness when speaking to members of the general public, you probably shouldn’t be in business. As Sarah Bennett stresses on, customers want their questions answered as quickly as possible and in a polite manner.

“Speaking politely to your customers is extremely important, as this is a sign of respect and a reflection of the company and its reputation,” she notes, “I am pretty sure that everyone can remember a time when they dealt with a rude employee. It doesn’t exactly make you want to return to that place of business again.”

3. You’re accessible.

As mentioned earlier, all business owners are entitled to take time off. But when you make yourself accessible for emergency situations – even when you’re out of town – it goes a long way in proving to your customers how trustworthy you are. When you know you can’t be reached, it’s important to let your clients know that you’ll be busy. Simply being open about when you are and when you’re not accessible is a great way to gain and maintain customer trust.

“Failure to communicate with customers for extended periods of can cause them to forget about you or make them think you no longer care about their business,” says Joseph, “Even if a customer doesn’t have a current need for what your business provides, the simple act of staying in touch with a newsletter, email or even the occasional in-person visit can reassure them you’re still there to assist them whenever they need you.”

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