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At MeloTel, we are committed to our customers. We don’t just make it a point to provide innovative cloud-hosted services coupled with unbeatable customer service. Our team also considers it very important to grow our customer relationships. Because our customer base is made up of business owners, we know that there are few ways to better build our relationships than to put extra efforts into promoting their businesses.

After all, the MeloTel team strongly believes that the success of our clients is, in part, a reflection of how beneficial our relationships with them are. That’s a major reason we’re so adamant about providing our clients with some much-deserved recognition. Over the past few years, the MeloTel Blog has been dedicating entries to our “Client Spotlight” series.

What takes place in a Client Spotlight blog?

As the name gives away, these blogs shine the spotlight on our great clients. Each blog involves a short interview with a member of the spotlighted company to get some first-hand information about what the business is all about. The blogs also highlight the relationships between the clients and MeloTel, underlining the benefits each client has gained from working with us.

Most recently, our Client Spotlight blog shone some attention the way for North York Printing & Graphics Inc. In fact, the Markham, Ontario-based marketing materials company was featured in our blog this past Tuesday. To complete the blog, we spoke to the company’s head honcho, Brad Peat. He pointed out that one of his favourite similarities between North York Printing and MeloTel is that both companies offer the “personal touch” when it comes to customer service.

“I’m often talking to John himself or the same technical support representative,” he detailed “It’s nice to have a relationship, like when I call and hear ‘Oh, hey Brad! How are things going?’ It makes it more personal and I think you get things done quicker that way too.”

Who else has been in our Client Spotlight?

Among the other amazing clients who we’ve spotlighted in our blogs are ITEX Barter Canada, Trillium TLC, Choice Payment Solutions, TK Enterprises Inc. and Stellar Signs & Graphics just to name a few. Bonnita Calhoun, who co-owns South Florida-based Stellar Signs & Graphics with her husband, Steve was particularly happy about the way MeloTel was able to revamp their company website.

“After two failed attempts with two other web design companies we were stuck to a web page that didn’t showcase what we did,” she reported in her testimonial, “We were looking to create a colourful and eye catching web site which MeloTel made happen. The team at MeloTel listened to what I wanted and took it to the next level. The website we have now far exceeds what I had expected and the whole process was seamless.”

Would you like to appear in our next Client Spotlight blog?

Simply visit our Client Spotlight Request Form and take a few moments to fill out the boxes provided. We’ll then contact you to set up an interview! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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