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Why Staying In Touch With Your Customers Matters So Much

You’ve made a sale. That’s good. Your customer seems happy enough with his purchase. That’s great. He’s just either left your store or hung up the phone after the completion of the transaction. That’s bad.

What have you done to secure that customer’s loyalty?

Was there an opportunity to make it so that the customer is encouraged to come back? Could you have asked for his name and even his email address? By taking steps to stay in touch with your customers, you give your company the opportunity to secure loyal customers. This is huge in the world of outdoing the competition and becoming a leader in your industry.

“If you want to prevent yourself from losing your clients to competitors or becoming irrelevant in your industry you should always be in touch with your customers and try to find out what is new in their businesses,” insists the Katrium team on their website, “The more you care and demonstrate your willingness to find the best option for your client, the more you learn about your customer.”

Staying in touch with your customers shows that you care.

So what’s the big deal about showing you care? Well, remember that every relationship is a two-way street. You can’t simply assume that just because a person made one purchase that he/she will return to make another. Your relationships with your customers require effort on your part. Reaching out and checking in to see how your products and/or services are working out for your clients is an excellent way to grow your relationships.

“The power of a trusting relationship should be never underestimated,” says Katrium, “You have already invested time and money into getting your customers so why not to do everything you can to keep them as well? A quick call to see how they are doing or if everything is in order is a great cause for customer loyalty. Your ongoing support and attention will definitely help you to build a long-term relationship with your clients.”

There are many different ways to stay in touch with your customers.

Pick up the phone and make a call. The age-old technique is still very much in style today. The personal touch made by your live voice will help to grow the bonds you have with those who support your brand. Of course, you could always send emails, but personalized thank you cards are also excellent ways to go.

“Just like all other kinds of relationships, staying in touch with your customer is important,” writes  Bill Achola on, “You can do this through holiday cards, email reminders, or greeting Tweets. Whatever your method, make that your customers are happy with it.”

Single Number Reach makes it impossible to lose touch!

By taking advantage of Single Number Reach, you’ll never miss a call, no matter where you are. It enables you to stop giving out your personal cell phone number and instead, have your calls routed differently after hours. The feature allows you to forward your business number to up to five different devices that will all ring at the same time when the number is called!

Can you think of a better way to stay in touch with your customers? We can’t either. For more information about Single Number Reach, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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