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How Giving Out Freebies Can Help To Boost Your Business

Smart business owners are always thinking about dollars and sense. And yes, we spelled that correctly! The rule of thumb for any entrepreneur is that it only makes sense to earn more dollars than you spend. Naturally, this helps to generate profits. But, of course, it takes money to make money. And, in many cases, business owners spend money on advertising.

At MeloTel, we consider the handing out of freebies to be one of the best sources of advertising a company can invest in. It does more than simply tell consumers that a product or service is great…it proves it! That’s because freebies give people opportunities to try out the products or services themselves.  

Freebies offer your customers direct experiences with your brand.

Is there any better way to showcase how great your goods are than to have customers try them out for themselves? By handing out freebies of one or a few of your most popular products, you’ll give people chances to enjoy their benefits directly. This goes a long way in earning the trust of your customer base.

“A huge amount of information influences a shopper’s decision when making a choice between those alternatives,” writes Kali Hawlk on, “Price, availability, and personal preferences or biases all play a role…Providing a product sample cuts through this noise, and can help sway a customer to make a favourable purchasing decision.”

Freebies can encourage word of mouth promotion.

There’s no question that the best type of advertising is word of mouth promotion. Consumers are a lot more likely to support a business that is recommended by a friend. By handing out free samples of your products, you’ll encourage your customers to tell others about your products. The end result, as you have likely guessed, is more customers!

“The objective of giving something away for free is that it is something that has a certain amount of value for your demographic, and that proves you are an expert at what you do,” notes Jhonson Peterson on, “If people find it useful, then they are more likely to come to you for custom in future. Plus, they will be more likely to refer others to you as well.”

Free samples help to inspire brand loyalty.

All business owners know the importance of securing repeat business. This is why efforts must always be placed on growing customer relationships. What good is a sale if the customer has no incentive to ever return? Inspiring brand loyalty requires a healthy combination of providing high-quality products and offering unbeatable customer service. Handing out a freebie gives you the opportunity to do both at the same time.

As Hawlk reports, “a study around wine tastings conducted by Cornell University professor Miguel Gomez showed customers who enjoyed a tasting were not only more likely to spend more money at the winery, but also highly likely to buy from the business again in the future.”

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