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Why Regularly Updating Your Social Media Accounts Is So Important

In today’s world, you don’t truly operate a business if you’re not active on social media. Now, while this statement isn’t a literal truth, it may as well be. Modern day consumers religiously surf the internet for news and reviews about the various companies they consider supporting. They also check the social media profiles of said companies in order to see just how active they are.

If your social media accounts aren’t active, it gives the impression that your business isn’t operational. Don’t assume, however, that your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts need to be filled with advertisements. The opposite is actually true. By regularly posting content that is engaging, entertaining and educational, you stand to significantly grow your customer base.

You get more qualified leads.

People who follow your company on social media are most likely already part of a base that is interested in what you have to offer. The fact they are your “friends” and “followers” suggests that they want to know more about your brand. By regularly posting new content, you stand the chance of having them interact and engage with you. This, of course, increases the likelihood they’ll visit your site and/or put in a phone call when your offerings meet their needs.

By contrast, not updating your social media gives them little to no reason to think of your company when they are in buying moods. Your competition – especially if their accounts are regularly active – will likely be called upon instead.

Shareable content grows your reach.

Before social media were all the rage, companies took to traditional modes of advertising like handing out flyers or broadcasting radio ads. These methods were not only more costly than using social media, they weren’t shareable. Advertising in the form of Instagram posts and tweets are easy to share. Sharing posts, in fact, is one of the top activities on nearly every social media platform.

It’s this facet of social media marketing that helps for it to be exceptionally valuable. Social media make it so that word-of-mouth promotion is easier than ever! When your content is valuable, it will likely spread faster than you can imagine.

It helps to improve your customer service.

You can’t complain to a television commercial. However, a response to a social media post is super easy. Use this to your advantage. When people make comments on your posts, use those opportunities to prove what a customer service leader you are. People highly respect companies that aren’t too shy to respond publicly to complaints. It shows a great deal of care, concern and respect that will go a long way in proving your brand is a reputable one.

MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have had great success in developing and maintaining the social media platforms for our clients. We regularly post directly to their pages. Especially when the posts include links to blogs, our social media posting services have significantly increased our clients’ web traffic.

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