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We’re Making Payment Processing Easier Than Ever!

MeloTel clients and blog readers alike are no strangers to the fact that our company prides itself on making things easy. Take, for example, the ways in which you can contact us. Naturally, we champion the use of the good old telephone (good “new” telephone, actually – it’s all about VoIP!). But we also give people the option of contacting us via the Live Chat feature on our website.

In addition, our Contact page offers you a form to fill out with your inquiry so that we may contact you directly to address your question, concern or interest in our services. The bottom line is that we feel being accessible is one sure-fire to make life easy for the people who wish to get in touch with anyone from our company.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to pay for your MeloTel services!

We’re happy to announce that MeloTel has launched yet another initiative to ensure an ease of stress and a carefree approach to processing your monthly payments. Firstly, we now accept American Express from our Canadian clients. This initiative will provide more options to our Canadian clients in order to make the process of paying for their MeloTel services a lot easier.

Secondly, we now offer direct debit to all MeloTel customers. This will enable them to automatically pay for their services from their business accounts. The option gives busy entrepreneurs the peace of mind in not having to lift a finger to make their payments to MeloTel each month. It certainly relieves any stress associated with potentially forgetting to put your payment through. Our direct debit automated system does all the work for you!

Are you making your customers’ lives easier?

On, Paolo Fabrizio seems to agree with our stance on making life easy for customers. He writes that when you reduce customers’ efforts and save them time, it can work wonders for the reputation of your brand.

“What I suggest, is that you find new ways to reduce customer effort either on voice and text channels,” recommends Fabrizio, “Practically, keep trying to decrease waiting/response time over the phone, as well as the number of overall digital interactions (email, chat, social network, apps). Of course keep testing, learning and improving by paying close attention to customer’s feedback.”

What can we do to make your life easier?

By accepting American Express and offering direct debit as two new ways to help MeloTel’s clients put through their monthly payments, we’re convinced we’re helping to make their lives easier. But we don’t plan on stopping there. If you have any suggestions about how we can continue to make life easier for you, please don’t hesitate in letting us know about them!

“Rather than asking the client to adapt to your business, you should be the one that does everything possible to adapt to their needs,” insists Business Woman Media, “This is the only fair and proper way to treat clients. Remember that the customer is always right.”

Contact us today by calling 1-888-MELOTEL or using the Live Chat feature on our website!

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