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Utilizing Top Training Techniques To Bolster Your Call Centre

In our last blog, we revisited the topic of call centre training and offered a few helpful tips on how to train new call centre employees. It’s important to remember that strong training programs are necessary in call centres to help both new hires get acquainted with their jobs and current employees to improve upon their areas of opportunity.

In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at top training techniques that can bolster your call centre.

Train staff to make emotional connections.

As all of the top customer service providers know, making emotional connections with customers is one of the most important ways to build customer relationships. Never forget that your customers are human. And they like dealing with humans. There will be many opportunities to express empathy and show your human side during calls. Never let your trainees forget that showing their human side is a big part of their jobs.

“Training staff to create this emotional connection with the customer makes for memorable customer experience,” offers Paul Weald of Contact Centre Innovator on, “This emotional connection can also be achieved by using empathy statements that help to improve agent-customer rapport and by teaching agents to use positive words, whilst avoiding negative language, such as ‘no’.”

Help your agents to help themselves.

The best-trained agents are the ones who are self-sufficient once their training is complete. Naturally, there will always be times when additional help is needed. But if your training includes information about how your new agents can locate information on their own, they’ll be in much better positions to succeed at your business.

“Have a knowledge base? Teach new hires how to use it,” insists Shauna Geraghty on, “Have a technical support department? Teach agents how to conference them into a call. Have managers that are available to jump into a live call? Tell agents who to ask for help. Do they have a rock star agent in their department? Tell them who that is and when it is ok to ask for their assistance.” 

Let your top phone agents do the training.

Why not learn from the best? This is a great attitude to have in a call centre. If you’re looking to turn new hires into top performers, why not have your top performers offer up their tips and tricks? According to Chris McCallister in the article, call centre training should be conducted by exceptional phone agents.

“Make sure you recruit agents with exceptional behaviour and performance to deliver on-the-job floor training,” he advises, “These agents will directly influence your trainees in a big way. Something to think about! Think about implementing a buddy system or mentoring scheme.”

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