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How MeloTel Can Help You Get The New Year Off To A Good Start

Welcome to 2023! On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we wish you all a very happy new year! We hope that this year will be your most successful year to date. Of course, our team hopes that we can be a big part of your company’s success in 2023. So, with that, let’s take a look at how MeloTel can help you get the new year off to a good start!

Take your office on vacation!

With 2023 only having just started, we can understand if you’re not quite yet ready to re-enter your office. That doesn’t mean you have to take time off from work. Our cloud-hosted phone services enable you to take your business phone with you wherever you go. If you’re all signed up, you have the ability to download the Cloud Softphone app for free! It enables you to utilize your smartphone to connect to your business extension without using up any cellular minutes.

The amazing service allows you to make the world your office! When equipped with a mobile device, you can use Cloud Softphone to tap into your business phone line to make and take calls anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the internet through either a data network or Wi-Fi. You can even call co-workers with extension to extension dialling.

Help your phone agents to improve their performances!

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity at your call centre business? If so, you could certainly make better use of feedback sessions. Such sessions, however, take your phone agents off of the phones. There is a way you can offer your assistance during their calls. It’s known as Monitor Whisper Panel!

This awesome service allows for calls to be heard live and for feedback to be given immediately. The “monitor” portion of the service lets supervisors listen to both parties on the call undetected. You can hear real-time conversations as they happen to gain deep insight into the techniques that fuel agent productivity.

The “whisper” portion of the service lets managers drop in to live calls to coach phone agents on the spot. You can “whisper” suggestions or jump into the conversation whenever a rep is in need of assistance. In the event an interaction requires supervisory intervention, you can quickly “barge in” to immediately assist and resolve any pending issues.

Grow your social media following!

Are you noticing that your social media posts don’t generate much of a buzz? Do you find yourself being too busy to even update your social media accounts? Content marketing is vital for any business these days. With MeloTel’s Animated Media & Marketing Packages, you can take the pressure off of yourself to maintain your social media activity.

Our team can create unique animated social media marketing images and videos for your brand. We can also ensure that your accounts are updated regularly. We create original posts complete with images and animation in the form of Quotes of the Day, Single Graphic Post Animations and Animated Videos of varying lengths.

For more information about how MeloTel can help you get the new year off to a good start, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email