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Try The New MeloTel Web ChatBot For Free!

MeloTel is excited to announce a brand new service! It’s called the MeloTel Web ChatBot – but we lovingly refer to it as “MeloBot” for short. It’s an innovative new service that enables any and all visitors to your website to interact with a chat interface. With MeloTel Web ChatBot, you can will be able to provide 24/7 customer service via artificial intelligence! This will provide your site’s visitors with better experiences that can lead to increased website conversions.

The MeloTel team has found that awareness around ChatBots, like our new MeloBot feature, is exploding! More and more platforms are moving to integrate ChatBot facilities every day. Early studies are showing that ChatBot experiences with engaged audiences are getting between 80 and 90 percent response rates. Even the least favourable experiences are in the 35 to 40 percent range.

ChatBots are proving to improve customer experiences.

With such data, we’re learning that AI-fuelled ChatBots are already helping companies to grow their customer relationships. By receiving around the clock customer service, consumers are finding more reasons to follow through on their buying decisions.

Online users are taking advantage of ChatBots in a number of ways. There are several things your customers want from ChatBots. They include getting quick answers to questions; having more streamlined buying experiences, resolving complaints or problems and getting more detailed answers to queries. ChatBots aren’t just convenient for consumers. They work wonders for your business!

By talking advantage of the new MeloTel Web ChatBot, you receive numerous benefits.

You can qualify your website visitors and direct them to what they want; increase your website conversions; build a bigger email subscriber list; and collect valuable feedback data to improve visitor experience.

The MeloTel Web ChatBot is the only one built for businesses of all sizes! By taking advantage of it today, you’ll be able to address no less than five major objectives of your business. You will decrease your visitor response time; increase your conversions; improve customer service; reduce the cost of marketing; and increase your overall revenue. And here’s the best part…

MeloTel will let you try MeloTel ChatBot for FREE!

Because this service is totally new, MeloTel is offering all clients a limited time opportunity to try it out free of charge. We’re looking for some pioneer customers who would be interested in having us completely customize a Web ChatBot for their websites. The reason we’re offering this service for free is so that we can build up our portfolio of example customers to be displayed on the MeloTel Web ChatBot product page.

For qualified clients; the development, hosting, support and all leads gained from the ChatBot will be absolutely free for as long as we have their websites on our portfolio page. You have absolutely nothing to lose from this offer and there are no strings attached! Remember, this is an absolutely FREE limited time offer to clients. We hope you can help us build our portfolio. So please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us!

Don’t delay! Give us a call today at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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