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The Importance Of Showing Everyone Courtesy And Respect

Earlier this week, MeloTel released an official company statement relaying our stance on the current events. Acts of hate, for any reason, have no place in our world. As a company, we remain steadfastly committed to our role in treating all people with courtesy, dignity and respect. These recent happenings remind us just how much it is sorely needed to spread the message of peace, justice and equality.

As a business owner, you can certainly do the same by insisting upon your staff to do all they can to treat each other with kindness. Of course, the same approach should be taken when interacting with your customers. Providing excellent customer service is a lot more than simply answering questions correctly and helping people to find what they’re looking for. Your displays of courtesy and respect speak volumes about what your business stands for.

Treat people as you would wish to be treated.

Perhaps, the easiest way to know whether or not you are giving customers the respect they deserve is to ask yourself one simple question. How would I feel if I was being treated this way? Of course, this is a question we should ask ourselves during every single interaction we have with other people. It would make for a more harmonious society overall. But, when it comes to your business, the act of treating others as you’d like to be treated makes for non-stop positive customer experiences.


Arguably, this may be the most important tip we can dole out concerning this topic. After all, if you haven’t closely listened to the needs and concerns of your customers, how can you expect to help them? Everyone has different requests. But, sometimes, we can get caught up in the fact that we’re experts in our fields. Yes, it can be beneficial to predict the requirements of your customers. However, jumping the gun and getting it wrong is a surefire way to create displeasure.

Hear your customers out. Be sure to know what they’re asking for. Repeat their requests just to be sure. This is especially important when dealing with customers who are disgruntled. An irate caller provides you with the perfect opportunity to show how important your customers are to your business. Never return the angst. Be calm and patient. Listen and be sure to immediately act upon fixing the problem.

Never neglect your employees.

One of the most important ways to treat your customers with courtesy and respect is to show the same amount of kindness to your employees. After all, it’s always wise to lead by example. Furthermore, you stand about no chance of having happy customers if your employees aren’t happy. The happier the members of your team, the better your customers are going to be treated.

At MeloTel, we would love the opportunity to show you how we treat customers with courtesy and respect. Especially during this tough time, we know how important it is to lift the spirits of everyone we come in contact with. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL and ask us about the cloud-hosted services that can help your business forge through this pandemic. They include Commercial Phone Services, MeloText and Single Number Reach just to name a few!

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