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Maintaining Your Commitment To Providing Wonderful Customer Experiences

In our last blog, we highlighted the extreme importance of showing everyone courtesy and respect. Naturally, this is incredibly important in our everyday lives. Especially given the recent turmoil that has been ignited by heinous acts of racism, now is definitely the time to spread your examples of goodwill and kindness.

As a business owner, you get regular opportunities to interact with members of the public. Providing people with wonderful customer experiences can go a long way in not just showcasing your warm and considerate personality, but highlighting the excellence of your brand.

Make “thank you” two of your most-used words.

Expressions of gratitude are hugely important in the world of customer service. It’s important to never take your supporters for granted. Showing your appreciation is a key way to garner continued support from those who make purchases from your brand. Remember that it’s more than just saying “thank you”.

Yes, it’s wise to constantly say these words to your customers – and mean it. But ensuring that you’re always catering to their needs (meeting deadlines, delivering products promptly, responding to messages quickly etc.) is an effective way to show how appreciative you are of the support your company gets.

Get to know your customers personally.

No, it’s not integral for you to receive the life story of each of your customers in detail. However, asking for your customers’ names so that you can address them with courtesy and respect goes a long way. It may not be easy to remember everyone’s name. But drumming up friendly conversations with familiar voices and faces is a great way for you to be remembered for the excellent customer service you give.

Everyone likes to feel valued. It costs you nothing to get to know things such as people’s interests, jobs and hobbies. The warm sentiments that come from friendly situations encourage customers to come back. It also encourages them to tell others about how great it is to interact with your business.

Don’t be pushy.

Sometimes, we can take the whole “treat customers with respect” thing a bit too far. Yes, of course, it’s a good idea to be helpful, friendly and courteous. But, if you decide to follow a customer around your store with continued questions of “Can I help you with anything?” it can be annoying. Always gauge the personalities of your store’s visitors. Not everyone will always be in the mood for a conversation.

The same goes for when you provide customer service over the phone. Again, not everyone is a conversationalist. The best way to ensure you are showing courtesy and respect is to work with the unique demeanours of the customers you are servicing. Be sure to cater to each them individually.

At MeloTel, we would love the opportunity to provide you with non-stop wonderful customer experiences. Especially during this tough time, we know how important it is to lift the spirits of everyone we come in contact with. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL and ask us about the cloud-hosted services that can help your business forge through this pandemic. They include Commercial Phone Services, MeloText and Single Number Reach just to name a few!

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