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Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter Now Available From MeloTel!

The MeloTel team has tons of experience in the world of telemarketing. Not only was our Founder and CEO, John Meloche a long-time call centre manager, but many members of our team come from call centre backgrounds and have loads of customer service and sales experience. Collectively, our team has unmatched knowledge of VoIP telephones and the many benefits they provide our clients. This is especially beneficial for those who own and run call centres.

The MeloTel team knows and values the importance of strong call centre training. It goes without saying that phone agents who begin jobs at call centres require strong knowledge bases of both the products and services they offer and how to provide unbeatable customer service. This can only be achieved with a top-of-the-line training program.

The best call centre training programs involve job shadowing.

This includes having new hires sit with experienced phone agents so that they can listen in to their calls live and as they happen. It also includes having experienced phone agents and trainers sit beside new hires to monitor their calls.

“New staff, or staff who have shown a need for improvement could be paired with a staff member who is shown to have particularly strong customer service skills,” explains Flow XO on, “Shadowing them allows one staff member to learn from the other, taking on board the way in which they approach, engage with and assist customers. This peer-to-peer learning allows you to not only help improve the skills of staff members but also motivate other staff by highlighting the faith you have in their customer service skills.”

Thankfully, with technological advances like the Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter + Mute Button for Polycom devices, call centre training has been made so much easier!

What is the Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter + Mute Button?

The very-easy-to-setup Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter + Mute Button makes call monitoring for training purposes a breeze! The device can be plugged into either a telephone handset port or a headset port and gives you two more ports to allow you to plug in another headset or handset. This enables two users to simultaneously listen to phone calls and/or speak during the phone call.

The handy mute buttons allow you to mute yourself when needed. This ensures that no training session is detected and that no conversation is accidentally interrupted. A convenient red button indicator helps to make clear when the mute button is on!

Why place an order with MeloTel?

MeloTel knows VoIP! And we make sure that our customers always have access to high-quality products that will enhance their experiences with our VoIP phones. The Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter  + Mute Button is compatible with a wide range of telephone devices including Polycom, Nortel Meridian, Norstar, Avaya, Ashtra, Mitel and GE, among others.

MeloTel is offering this fantastic product to all of its customers for just $49.99 and the price includes shipping and handling! It also comes with a one year warranty. To order your Telephone Training Adapter Y Splitter + Mute Button, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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