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Strengthening After Call Work Can Boost Call Centre Production

It’s important for us to highlight – once again – that a call centre phone agent’s job is not an easy one. Being on the phone all day can be tiring, frustrating, aggravating – take your pick. All phone agents deserve credit for being individuals who have chosen to take on tough tasks each and every day.

Call centre work is often repetitive work.

As a call centre manager, one of your main priorities is to keep your team members motivated and energized each day. Boosted spirits generally translate into boosted production. And, as you know, not all of the work your phone agents do is on the phone.

Strengthening after call work is a key to call centre success. Completing sales, looking into customer queries, updating accounts – these are all jobs that are often done after the phone calls are over. But, in many cases, call centre managers find that the time their agents take off the phone is too high. So how does one tackle this issue?

Strong training programs are vital to your call centre’s success.

As you may have expected, it all starts on day one. It’s important to train your new hires so that they understand how to complete their tasks within certain time frames. It’s also important that they receive training from a variety of angles. Lola Barbier of Aircall believes that a comprehensive training program for new hires can help to strengthen the after call work performed by your phone agents.

“Bring in trainers from different departments to show new hires how your process works holistically and demonstrate the context and consequences of great (or poor) after call work,” she advises, “If you can demonstrate to agents the importance of their after call work for the call center as a whole, they’ll be more likely to give ACW their full attention.”

Give your team members the confidence to depend on each other.

A strong team is one made up of individuals who are only too happy to assist their co-workers. Team bonding exercises can go a long way in helping your staff members feel more comfortable with each other. This is important stuff for your call centre floor. When your agents are able to get help from their neighbours, it creates a more proficient team.  

“To keep your team performing well, agents needs to be operating as one,” says Barbier, “Look into tools designed to encourage communication within your call center team. It’s important for agents to feel empowered to act on their own; however they should feel comfortable to turn to teammates or managers when they need to. With the right tools, your team will be able to ace their after call work, and delight your customers.”

MeloTel certainly offers the right tools!

DaFeeder Preview Dialer has proven itself to be an excellent after call work tool. The innovatie web-based telemarketing software allows phone agents to manage dispositions and make quick notes on accounts once calls are completed. Not to mention, its one-touch dialing capabilities save call centre workers tons of time in dialing numbers manually!

For more information about DaFeeder Preview Dialer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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