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Steeve Martin Is MeloTel’s Employee Of The Month For February!

The MeloTel team is very happy to announce that Steeve Martin is MeloTel’s Employee of the Month for February 2020. Steeve (and yes, his name is spelled with a total of three E’s) has been an esteemed member of MeloTel’s Customer Service & Technical Support team for over a year now. In that time, he has proven to be such an excellent addition to our team as he consistently demonstrates how customer service should be provided.

“Steeve is very helpful…He provides such great and friendly service.”

Earlier this week, one of MeloTel’s clients just couldn’t help but express his gratitude for Steeve’s performance as a customer service specialist. “Just to let you know, Steeve is very helpful,” he mentioned to MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche during a phone conversation, “He provides such great and friendly service. Steeve was able to answer all my questions easily. He’s one of the reasons I really love MeloTel.”

Originally from Argentina, Steeve is well known around the office for both his technical skills (he has a compTIA A+ certification) and his incomparable client-focused approach. His down-to-earth attitude works so well with MeloTel’s mandate to be a customer-centric company. Steeve’s strong skill set and knowledge base combine so well with his friendliness. He’s practically re-written the book on how to provide unbeatable customer service!

“Steeve…is highly reputed for his concern and courtesy.”

“Dear MeloTel staff, I am pleased to announce that Steeve Martin has been selected as the ‘Employee of the Month’ for February 2020,” John wrote in an email to the team yesterday, “Steeve has been nominated as the most excellent representative for customer support. As you’re all aware, he is highly reputed for his concern and courtesy. Such personal attributes also reflect well on MeloTel.”

For his exceptional efforts, MeloTel has provided Steeve with a $100 Amazon Gift Card. We certainly hope he’ll enjoy whatever his heart desires as a result! The entire MeloTel team is very grateful to Steeve for his efforts in showcasing our company’s dedication to putting customers first.

We’re not surprised at how great Steeve has performed over the past year.

He came to us with a wealth of customer service and call centre manager experience. He has always made it clear that he intends on playing a major role in MeloTel’s growth as a company. Unquestionably, Steeve is doing just that. If you’ve had the privilege of interacting with Steeve directly, you know exactly what we’re talking about!

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