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Red Bull Gives The Ultimate Customer Experience…Not Just Wings!

At MeloTel, we’re big-time believers in providing our customers with the type of customer service that we’d like to receive ourselves. It’s never lost on us that we’re customers too. So, we make it a point to provide each and every one of our clients with an enjoyable experience each and every time they interact with our team.

As you can imagine, we much prefer to work with and support businesses that operate using the same code. And we’re very happy to say we’ve found such a business in Red Bull! That’s right. You’re likely very aware of the energy drink that provides people with “wings”. Well, we must admit that the MeloTel team is comprised of many avid drinkers of Red Bull. So, you can imagine our dismay when our office had been drunk clean of our beloved beverage.

You’d think that restocking our office fridge with the popular product would be easy.

But, as our Administrative Assistant, Chantel Cascanette discovered last week, that isn’t always the case. Numerous attempts to locate some Red Bull at a Shoppers Drug Mart located nearby MeloTel’s headquarters were proven futile. With no less than three weeks-worth of visiting the store in search of her favourite pick-me-up, Chantel decided to contact the company directly.

“It is with great despair I inform you that it has been over three weeks I have gone in and out of (Shoppers Drug Mart) with no Red Bull in tow,” Chantel reported, “It is greatly upsetting…I have asked the Shoppers Drug Mart what is going on with the Red Bull situation and they said that the Red Bull rep hasn’t been coming around to get the order. Look I need this Red Bull. This COMPANY depends on daily Red Bulls. Help me. Guide me. Give me the wings that I need to get through the work day.”

She cleverly signed her message, “A Flightless Bird”. Now let’s take a moment to consider the way in which our lovely Chantel approached Red Bull with her grievance. What type of customer service would you expect her to receive after sending such a heartfelt, yet humorous message? What type of customer service would you provide our flightless bird?

To our great delight, a Red Bull representative named Cassandra responded almost immediately – and with an equal amount of good nature and wit. “Coming home from a store without your favourite wings is kind of like opening your birthday present only to find nothing inside,” she replied, “No fun at all!! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Your feedback regarding the (Shoppers Drug Mart) has been forwarded to our distribution partner. A representative should be re-stocking soon!”

Pretty good customer service, right?

We’d say so! But Red Bull didn’t stop at simply restocking a nearby store with their product. Soon enough, Red Bull’s Toronto-based Distribution Partner Manager, Mike Spittal was sending several cases of the world’s greatest energy drink directly to the MeloTel office! Needless to say, our entire team – Chantel especially – was thrilled.

“Wow! What an amazing way to end the week!” she emailed Mike after accepting the free cases, “You know if you guys decided to run as government officials, I’d say you have my vote! You guys get stuff done, and quick! Thank you for playing along and being such a great sport about it all. A big old Thank You from MeloTel to Red Bull!”

And a special thank you to Joel for making the delivery!

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