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Re-introducing You To Cloud Softphone By MeloTel

Over the past decade or so, VoIP technology has vastly changed the ways in which business owners have communicated with their clients and colleagues. No longer are professionals restricted to the confines of their offices in order to make and take calls. The limitations set up by traditional landline telephone are things of the past. And we have cloud-hosted phone services to thank for that.

The VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services offered by MeloTel offer a myriad of calling features. They include Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Transfer, Voicemail to your Email, Incoming Call Routing, Custom Hold Music, Out of Office Options and The MeloTel VoIP Panel. But that’s not all!

Take advantage of cloud softphone by MeloTel!

All of MeloTel’s clients who utilize our cloud-hosted phone services are able to download a FREE app than enables them to use a “softphone”. Essentially, this app can be opened on a smartphone or even a PC to allow you to make and take calls from anywhere in the world! It’s perfect for busy professionals who need to make great quality calling on the go.

It’s also an awesome service for those who work from home. MeloTel’s cloud softphone frees you up from having to give out your cell phone or home phone number to anyone. Instead, you can simply continue to use your business line and extension. With the softphone app, your mobile device becomes your portable business phone!

Check out John’s cloud softphone video on YouTube!

Last year, MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche decided to create a video for YouTube. It details the various benefits of MeloTel’s cloud softphone service. Watch it HERE! In the video, John explains that he was inspired to create it because of a call from a client who hadn’t even realized the service existed. He highlights the fact that the softphone is free to every MeloTel user who already has an extension on our system.

The app is “available in the Google Play store and the Apple store,” informs John. He notes that it allows you to “register your smartphone to the same extension that you have on your desk and use that extension to be able to make and receive calls just like you would as if you were sitting at your desk, but over Wi-Fi and LTE.”

The cloud softphone lets you work from anywhere you like!

John highlights a huge advantage of using cloud softphone. You can take your phone extension with you wherever you go. As well, when you make and take your phone calls, using the app, they will still be recorded and saved in your archives.

To reiterate, cloud softphone is a fantastic tool for business owners who are regularly on the go. Of course, the current coronavirus pandemic is keeping people from travelling. However, when normalcy resumes and you are on vacation, you can use your hotel’s Wi-Fi to make phone calls back to Canada or the United States for free! Be sure to watch John’s video to learn more about how to set up your cloud softphone and how to use it.

For more information about MeloTel’s cloud softphone, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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