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MeloTel In A Nutshell: Tech Wizards Who Provide Unbeatable Customer Service

Not everyone is a computer whiz. And that’s why MeloTel hires the best computer whizzes in the business! We not only make it a point to provide expert services by way of solving computer issues for our customers, but we also insist upon providing the best customer service available anywhere! Perhaps, it’s fair to say that the MeloTel team is comprised of individuals who are equal parts technology geek and customer service expert.

We mean “geek” in the nicest way possible!

In our experience, the business owners we work with all across North America are experts in their fields. And they should be. It only makes sense that they are adept and proficient within their respective industries. That doesn’t make them all that proficient behind a keyboard, however. When they have problems with their computers, the geeky MeloTel team is only too happy to assist…and always with a smile!

We’d like to particularly acknowledge MeloTel’s Customer Service Supervisor, Michael Paz. If you’re experiencing any system issues, he’s often the one you’ll end up speaking with. Michael couldn’t be more pleasant a person to talk to. Affable and friendly, his approach to customer service is second to none. However, his approachable nature is interestingly outdone by his skilful ability to handle any technology-based issues.

Using the free-to-download TeamViewer module, Michael has often “taken over” the computers of our clients so that they can see him perform quick maintenance right in front of their eyes. With this service, Michael can literally manage your computer as if he was sitting right beside you.

“It’s fascinating,” admitted one of our clients earlier this week, “He literally takes control of the computer even though he’s miles away. A few clicks of a button later, the computer is up and running normally and smoothly. I know, for a fact, I could never get that done myself. He’s a genius…and a really nice guy to boot!”

The boss knows best!

Of course, MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche is not to be outdone. His insistence upon providing excellent customer service is something that has invigorated the entire MeloTel team – because he leads by example. Whenever possible, it’s MeloTel’s head honcho himself who will either be on the phone or using the TeamViewer tool to help MeloTel customers with their system issues.

“I like knowing that the boss is on top of things,” commented another client who decided to send us a message after reading yesterday’s “Facebook System Issue Shows That It Can Happen To The Best Of Us!” blog, “Unlike with bigger companies, MeloTel lets its customers know that they are being given immediate and thoughtful attention. It’s a real benefit of working with a smaller company.”

For any and all of your customer service needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

A special thank you.

While it’s out of character to for me to both write in the first person and/or discuss any personal details, it’s at this time that I’d like to personally acknowledge John, Michael and everyone else who is part of the MeloTel team for being so supportive and comforting during my recent experience of a family tragedy. No words can express how grateful I am to all of you.


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