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Introducing Stephen Lategan!

In 2017, MeloTel will be bigger than ever! That’s not just a bold prediction. We confidently state it as a fact. Earlier this month, we announced that we were looking to add to our ever-growing team. And, we’ve done just that by recently welcoming our new Account Executive, Stephen Lategan to the MeloTel team!

Stephen is no ordinary company employee. But, then again, MelolTel is no ordinary company. Our office is comprised of many outgoing, think-outside-of-the-box individuals who help for our brand to be one of the most innovative and forward-moving companies in North America. It should come as no surprise to you then that our newest employee is an accomplished writer, producer, director and actor.

Known for his work on such projects as Coxwell & Gerrard (a Toronto-based short film), The Planet of the Doctor (a six part documentary about the famed Doctor Who series) and The Camp X Files (a new television series), Stephen brings a creative energy to MeloTel that fits in perfectly with our brand.

This is especially true considering Stephen’s ample experience in the world of communications. Having worked for such media outlets as CBC, CTV, Nelvana and Metroland Media, he has vast knowledge of both the entertainment industry and the world of multimedia. Most beneficial to the MeloTel fold is Stephen’s sales and account management experience. He once led a business department for a marketing firm that received a Profit Hot 50 ranking by Profit Magazine. His bringing in of over $4 million in new accounts helped to secure such an accolade.

We’re excited to report that Stephen is also an award winner! In 2000, he won a New York Festivals World Medal for a children’s radio play that he wrote and produced entitled A Big Day For Little Sarah. In 2009, Stephen won a Special Jury Award at the Houston International Film Festival for Coxwell & Gerrard – a short film he wrote and directed.

Stephen is also the recipient of no less than four Marketing Canada Awards. They were secured thanks to his work as a coordinator for a public sector economic development project. However, in spite of Stephen’s success, he isn’t one to highlight his own accomplishments. His focus is on building the businesses that he is a part of. To Stephen, the betterment of his team supersedes his personal accolades.

We will, however, do all of the bragging for him! MeloTel is proud to have Stephen join our team. In recent years, he has proven himself as a success when it comes to implementing customer retention strategies for point-of-sale providers. So, with his expertise added to our staff, we’re confident that 2017 will be a year when we strongly establish MeloTel as a front runner in the telecom industry.

Please join us in welcoming Stephen Lategan to the MeloTel team!

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