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Introducing Mohsin Kazmi!

At MeloTel, we are always thinking of ways to improve our services. In an effort to provide our customers with the ultimate experience, we know that it’s important to have a team bolstered with professionals who each possess a level of expertise in areas crucial within the telecom world. And with that, it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our brand new Systems Administrator, Mohsin Kazmi!

Talk about possessing a level of expertise! Mohsin comes to us, after having recently relocated from his native Pakistan, possessing both a Bachelor of Science degree from Punjab College as well an MBA in International Business from the University of Wales. More than just his impressive academic achievements, Mohsin’s penchant for all things Linux is quite astonishing. MeloTel’s President, John Meloche has already gone so far as calling Mohsin a “life saver”.

“We’re super happy to have a man of his calibre backing our best interests,” said John. It’s no secret that Mohsin is quite proficient at his job. Just hearing him rattle off the list of duties he happily undertakes as MeloTel’s Linux System Administrator is enough to raise eyebrows. “I’m monitoring the servers,” explains Mohsin, “Whatever we have in our data centre. I monitor services, data bases, users logged in to servers, security, monitoring, generating keys, IP cables, firewalling.”

If you’re not totally familiar with the ins-and-outs of such a role, you’re not alone. Mohsin is very skilled in areas that are integral to the MeloTel brand, but are not easily found. In fact, it’s not surprising that Mohsin’s love for technology started at an early age. The recently-turned 31 year-old admits that playing videos games on his PS3 system is still one of his favourite pastimes. That is, of course, if he finds any time apart from raising his three year-old daughter with his wife of four years.

Mohsin’s addition to the MeloTel Team, however, does a lot more for our company than simply provide an expert behind the scenes. In his short time with the company, he has already neatly fit in with the rest of his new family as a positive addition. “Because it’s my second job in Canada, I’m still learning how business is run in Canada. It’s been quite an experience,” he admits. One of his favourite parts of the experience, he says, is how positive the MeloTel working environment is.

“The environment of the office is really good,” he reports, “John is the CEO, but he’s more like a friend. Everybody is quite supportive. You can discuss personal things with them. They give you ideas, they give you suggestions. And if you are providing them with any ideas or suggestions, they don’t just ignore it. To be very frank, it’s quite friendly here. I’m enjoying it.” Positive thinking, by the way, is also something that Mohsin has practiced from a young age.

He thoughtfully credits his father for making him the man that he is today. “My personal inspiration is my father,” says Mohsin, “Whatever I’ve learned in my life is because of him. My favourite personality is my father. The way he speaks, the way he behaves. To be very frank, I’ve always tried and I will keep trying to copy him. He’s a very positive-thinking person.” Is Mohsin a perfect fit for our team or what?

We’re happy that we were actually able to celebrate Mohsin’s 31st birthday with him last week. Treated to lunch by his new team, Mohsin has been welcomed to MeloTel in way that is fitting with the company’s unwritten mantra. “We strive to make lives easier.” With Mohsin as our new Systems Administrator, we’ve taken great strides to ensure that this remains true for our clients for the long haul.

Welcome to the team Mohsin!