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Introducing Chantel Cascanette!

Chantel Cascanette is MeloTel’s new Administrative Assistant. Joining the company shortly before the new year, Chantel has already added to the spirited environment that the MeloTel office is known for having. The Seneca College graduate, who earned a diploma in Business Administration and who specialized in human resources, has a wealth of experience in the administrative field. Having served as an Administrative Assistant for both Scarborough General Hospital and the City of Toronto, Chantel boasts strong skills as an efficient organizer.

However, it is Chantel’s outgoing personality that has helped her to fit in so well with the rest of the MeloTel team. Admittedly the adventurous type, Chantel enjoys changing up her personal hobbies on a monthly basis. Having tried her hand at everything from yoga to taking improv classes and even axe throwing, Chantel brings a bubbly demeanour to an already energetic atmosphere. It’s something that she feels has really helped her to settle in as MeloTel’s newest employee.

“I like the friendliness of everybody,” she declares, “Everybody is open to communication. There’s no topic that’s really off the table. They’re very professional, but it’s definitely a very laid back environment which is really good to work in. You don’t feel the pressure of having to put on a facade while you’re here. You can just be you and I like that.”

Thankfully for MeloTel, a big part of Chantel’s being herself is that she’s incredibly organized and efficient. In addition to her administrative experience is her personal penchant for being orderly and dependable. On a daily basis, Chantel’s responsibilities include organizing MeloTel’s customer invoices and payments. And like the other members of the MeloTel team, she is dedicated to seeing the company’s reputation as Canada’s Hosted Company continue to grow.

“I like helping to create and implement new policies and procedures,” she says, noting that working on a team of people that’s always willing to help each other out is a big part of what she enjoys about her new role at MeloTel. “Everybody here is very willing to help. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’ll stop to ask ‘hey, what do you need? They’ll take the time to make sure that I’m okay and that I’m settling in well.”

Her new co-workers aren’t particularly surprised, however, that Chantel is fitting in so well. Her kindhearted personality was immediately felt by the MeloTel team upon her introduction. Chantel, you see, is highly dedicated to bringing her good-natured spirit to all life. A self-professed animal lover, she is a dog owner who would love nothing more than to have an entire farm of animals one day. “All animals are great,” she believes.

We’d like to take this opportunity to publicly welcome Chantel to the MeloTel team. We’re excited to start off 2017 with the knowledge that as our team grows larger, it also grows stronger thanks to the incredible new personalities that make it so unique. With Chantel Cascanette as our new Administrative Assistant, we’re already enjoying a very happy new year!

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