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How Important Are Regular Updates To Your Website?

Picture a store that is located in an area that you frequent. It’s a store that you see fairly regularly. From time to time, you may even pop into the store to make a purchase or two. But, over the course of time, you notice something different about the store. And that’s that it hasn’t changed at all! While the stores the neighbour it have renovated, revamped their signage and begun to offer new products, this one store has stayed the same.

Its decor has become old-fashioned, its signage dilapidated and its products obsolete. The store, by all accounts, has become outdated and no longer relevant in today’s marketplace. It hasn’t changed with the times in order to address its customer base’s ever-changing needs. Consider this scenario while thinking about your company website. Are you keeping it updated? If your website remains exactly the same day in and day out, it’s giving a bad impression.

How bad is the impression given by a website that is rarely updated? Well, similar to the store described in the scenario above, it makes your business look outdated. In many cases, a website that goes without updates conveys that a business may even be no longer operational. A company website is its soundboard. Its job is to constantly update the general public with new goings-on.

By not having your company website updated regularly, you give the general public the impression that there is nothing going on with your business. You give web users no reason to continually visit your site. So why would people then want to visit your store? Here’s another analogy. Consider your favourite television show. You love watching it, right? But would you want to watch the exact same episode every single day?

How good is the impression given by a website that is regularly updated? Well, the obvious answer is that it gives the opposite impression of the one described above. A regularly updated website immediately conveys that a business is not only operational, but successful. When good things are happening, business owners should be excited about communicating that. And one of the best ways to do that is through blogging.

As we’ve described in numerous blogs before, blogging provides a voice for your company. It’s a form of direct communication with your customer base. It helps to establish your brand as a reliable source of information, not to mention products and services relevant to your industry. Blogging also helps to increase the number of hits your website receives in search engines. If you want web users to find you when Googling, blogging will certainly help!

In what other ways should you update your company website? Earlier, we mentioned renovations and new signage as examples of physical changes that business owners can make to their places of business. Your website design should be updated from time to time to show your commitment to keeping things fresh. Also, it’s important to update product information as well as news about sales, discounts and deals to generate buyer interest.

At MeloTel, we offer Website Maintenance Services which are perfect for the individual or small business owner that has a small amount of sites in his/her network and can benefit from about two to 15 hours of work each month. Our highly-skilled, competent and dedicated team can complete all ongoing web-related tasks that may be taking your time away from more important business needs.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website. And be sure to ask us about our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire as well!

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