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5 Reasons To Keep Your Company Website Regularly Updated

In our last blog, we reiterated our stance on the importance of updating your company website on a regular basis. In fact, we likened it to watching your favourite television show. Every week, you expect a new episode, right? So what would encourage web users to keep visiting your company website if it looks the exact same way each and every week? Simply put, it’s important to update your website on a regular basis.

Here are five reasons to keep your company website regularly updated:

1. It gives a great 24/7/365 representation of your company. Your operating hours aren’t likely to be round the clock. However, your website provides prospective customers with non-stop access to everything that is happening with your brand. News about sales, special events and your product line should be regularly updated to convey that there is always a reason to check back in future. And that means both in person and online!

2. It will increase your search engines hits. Search engines like to see regular updates to websites. With added content, there are more reasons to find it when people enter searches that are relevant to your industry. Google is known to look favourably upon websites that constantly generate new content. Because search engines sift through so many different web pages, the ones that deliver the most useful information are the ones that get found the quickest.

3. It says “things are happening!” The last impression you want to give of your business is that it is no longer operational. Believe it or not, this is actually the impression you give to web users when they visit your site and noticed that not a thing has changed in weeks. It’s almost like walking into a store and seeing that not a single item has been sold since the last time you visited!

4. It encourages visitors to keep coming back. To reiterate an earlier-made point, updates encourage repeat visits. The reason you keep checking for new episodes of your favourite show is because you know that there will be new episodes! Why keep visiting a site that has nothing new to offer? A store that never changes its window displays isn’t likely to encourage customers to walk through its doors.

5. It demonstrates your ability to communicate. These days, customers are encouraged to work with businesses that demonstrate interests in their customer bases. Shoppers like the idea of doing business with open, honest and accessible business owners. A regularly updated site usually contains new information about products and services as well as interesting and timely content via a blog. A blog is the ideal way to communicate with a customer base these days!

At MeloTel, we offer Website Maintenance Services to keep your website updated so that you don’t have to spend the time to do it yourself. Our talented team of web designers can complete all of your web-related tasks to ensure that your website is providing your company with maximum benefits. As well, our amazingly skillful Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire are the best in the business!

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