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The Importance Of Brand Storytelling

These days, a brand is no longer defined solely by the products and services it offers the public. And that’s because – let’s face it – most companies offer products and services that are also offered by other companies. There’s a lot of competition out there! So, in order to engage a target audience in order to make its members part of your customer base, you need to intrigue them in other ways.

Placing a focus on the customer experience is of the utmost importance nowadays. Consumers tend to place a lot of emphasis on the ways in which businesses make them feel when deciding which companies to support. The ways in which employees interact with customers, the atmosphere of the place of business and even its brand imaging all come into play when people decide where to shop.

This is why content marketing is such an important part of advertising in 2017. Content marketing, as you’re likely aware, is a big deal because consumers generally take to the internet in order to research various companies and compare prices. As a result, it’s important for you to take measures to get your company website ranking as high as possible in search engines. Blogging, it should come as no surprise, is very effective in securing high search engine rankings for company websites.

But, of course, the content itself is of vital importance. What your website visitors read on your site should be more than informative – it should be engaging. Blogs aren’t meant to be direct forms of advertising. They’re meant to be conversations. Articles that answer questions, but also challenge readers to ask some more (all related to your industry) make for great business-builders. And this is why it’s important to tell your brand’s story.

What is brand storytelling?

It’s not necessarily an article that begins with “once upon a time”. However, it is the story of how and why your company came to be. It’s a written piece that should be able to communicate facts about your company’s culture. It explains how your products came to be, why customers enjoy them and why your company is one that’s different from all of the rest.

Brand storytelling is also an account of what your team is like. What motivates them (and you) to get up every morning and come into work? What is their commitment to making your brand stand out from its competitors? How does your company care more about its customers than all of the others out there? At the end of the day, your brand’s story should function as a relationship-building tool that endears people to give your business a try.

It’s important to note what brand storytelling is not, as well. It’s not your average blog post. In fact, it shouldn’t be a blog post at all. It should serve as its own special page on your site that seeks to enlighten website visitors to the nature of your business. It also should not be a long, drawn-out essay. It’s meant to be a short and sweet, to-the-point tale – not just about your company, but about how your customers can benefit from trusting your company.

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