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How To Run A Successful Facebook Contest

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Just in case we haven’t made it obvious over the past couple of days, we’d like to remind you about MeloTel’s latest Facebook contest. It’s the biggest one we’ve launched yet! Simply visit the new contest post on the MeloTel Facebook page and leave a comment by tagging four people of your choice. As long as you and those four people LIKE the MeloTel Facebook page, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a grand prize of $200!

The $200 will be split between you ($100) and your four tagged people ($25 each). For contest rules and further details, please check out yesterday’s blog post! We’re only too excited to launch this new Facebook contest as our previous two contests got such amazing traction. One of our main objectives is to grow the overall online presence of MeloTel – not just on Facebook, but on all of our social media accounts.

By doing so, we know that our website will receive more traffic. And with more traffic comes more opportunities to welcome new people to our list of clients. Running a Facebook contest is a great way to drum up intrigue. But you can’t simply run a contest – you have to promote it! We’ve taken advantage of a number of promotional opportunities. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of them with you.


Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? What you’re currently reading is another one of our many blogs that champion the various actions that small to medium-sized business owners should take. Like all them, this one falls in the “practice what we preach” category. Regular blogging is a proven way to grow your brand’s image. Be sure to dedicate a handful of blog posts to the next Facebook contest you decide to run.

“Write a blog post about the contest, giving details about the prizes, motivation for the contest, rules etc.,” writes Emily Weisberg on She also points out that sending an email newsletter to your list of subscribers is a wise choice.


MeloTel’s weekly newsletter generally goes out at the beginning of every week. A few months back, we decided to revamp our newsletter style to better cater to the specific needs, wants and interests of our reader base. As part of this initiative, we generally use our newsletters to make official announcements. This is what we did this past Monday. Our MeloTel Newsletter made the first official announcement about our new contest.

The way we see it, it’s important to offer exclusive “get it here first” information to subscribers. “Make sure to send out an email blast to your email subscribers, as they are your most loyal followers,” agrees Weisberg, “They will happily sign up for a contest and will be excited even if they don’t win.”

Social Media.

This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Just because your contest is being run on Facebook, it doesn’t make Facebook the only social media platform where it can be promoted. For each of our contests, we make sure to compose posts on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well.

“Share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and anywhere else you have a social presence,” instructs James Scherer on, “This is a great way to introduce users from other networks to your Facebook Page and get them hooked more into your brand.”

For more information about our latest Facebook contest, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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