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How To Increase Productivity In Your Call Centre

All call centre business owners are very well aware of the importance of numbers. Sales numbers, the number of calls taken each day and the number of new customers attained each month are all metrics that are considered vital to a company’s success. However, there are some numbers that can’t exactly be quantified.

How happy are your call agents? How motivated are they to come in to work every day? While the answers to these questions cannot be determined by a specific number, they are just as important to a call centre’s success. To increase productivity in a call centre, phone agents need to be treated with respect and shown appreciation. How do you do that?

Inform your agents about how their contributions have helped the company.

No employee of any company wants to feel invisible. No one wants to feel like his/her contributions don’t matter. Make it clear to your phone agents just how valuable their efforts are. Provide them with examples of how their work helped the company to succeed. According to Shauna Geraghty on, Dr. Adam Grant, a management professor at Wharton conducted a series of studies and discovered the impact of telling agents their worth.

“Dr. Grant suggests connecting agents directly with end-customers, showcasing customer photos, sharing customer stories and having agents describe their own positive experiences with customers as all can increase productivity,” she informs us.

Give your agents the freedom to take breaks when needed.

All call centre professionals know how monotonous phone work can be. It’s extremely important to allow your team members to take moments to blow off some steam after particularly tough calls. Similarly, regular opportunities to get up and stretch, grab a quick drink of water and take a short walk will help keep your agents’ energy levels and overall morale high.

“Give your agents the option to take short but frequent breaks throughout their shift,” agrees, “Whether it’s to use the restroom, grab a snack or a quick cup of coffee, or simply to take a breather, doing so can help give them some sense of control over what’s causing their stress and improve productivity. Not to mention, breaks give agents a chance to simply reset and meet the next customer confidently with a smile.”

Ensure that your agents have ample information about your clients.

“One of the biggest factors influencing handle time is how long it takes the agent to find relevant information to help the caller,” informs Geraghty, “Call centre software that integrates with business tools and provides comprehensive information about the caller in a unified workspace can significantly decrease average handle time and increase agent productivity.”

At MeloTel, we couldn’t agree more! Gone are the days when phone agents would have to sift through piles of paper to locate the contact numbers and additional information about the clients they were calling. Today, modern technology makes things a whole lot easier! DaFeeder Preview Dialer enables your phone agents to receive ample information about their potential customers, before each call, while offering one-touch dialing capabilities.

For more information about this call centre must-have, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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