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How The Cloud Softphone Can Keep You On Cloud Nine

With MeloTel’s Cloud Softphone, you can make and take calls from your business extension displaying your company caller ID. It’s a free app for your iPhone or Android that can be used anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi or LTE. Now, honestly, how awesome is that? The Cloud Softphone makes it so that you can conduct business from just about anywhere no differently than if you were in your office!

Considering the fact that we’re still contending with a pandemic, being able to operate your business from remote location is practically mandatory. These days, calls for social distancing and working from home are the norm. So, with the Cloud Softphone, you can do just that!

The Cloud Softphone offers exceptional voice quality.

It is fully integrated to your iPhone or Android device. This ensures that you experience no dropped calls when you receive them from your native phone line. Once you download the free Cloud Softphone app and hook it into your MeloTel phone system, you can start making calls using your company caller ID.

This amazing service enables you to easily keep in touch with co-workers using extension to extension dialling. You are also able to call your clients and stay connected with business associates without using any of your cellular minutes. Remember that, with this app, you use Wi-Fi or data instead.

Stop giving out your cell phone number!

By using the Cloud Softphone, you can totally avoid giving out your cell number for business purposes. Instead, your smartphone becomes connected to your business phone number and simply serves as your extension. Keep in mind that, by using this service, long distance charges won’t exist. You can use your Cloud Softphone anywhere you want without having to worry about the distances between you and the parties on the other line.

In addition, the app offers push notifications. As a result, you don’t need to keep it open all of the time. Whenever there is no Wi-Fi connection available, this feature will help you to minimize your data usage.

The Cloud Softphone offers a long list of great features.

With the Cloud Softphone app, you can use both the contact list you create and the contacts already stored in your smartphone. As well, it provides call display, a voicemail indicator, a speaker phone and mute and hold functions. In addition, the Cloud Softphone app shows your call history which includes a list of received, missed and dialled calls.

Other features include Automatic Speaker Mode, Microphone Volume, Call Recording, Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb, Boost Ringtones, Contact Avatars and Dial Plan Support. You can also swap between two active calls, merge and split calls and transfer calls.

Sign up today!

By signing up for MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, you automatically get free access to the Cloud Softphone app. The service provides you with the ultimate convenience. No matter where you are, your business phone goes with you!

For more information about our Commercial Phone Services and the free Cloud Softphone app, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email