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4 Signs It’s Time To Switch Your Telecom Provider

By now, it’s no secret that VoIP phone systems are giving landline telephones a run for their money. The former provides a myriad of incredible features in cloud-hosted packages while the latter is becoming an archaic technology. VoIP phones utilize the internet while landlines…well, they’re still plugged into the wall. As a result, one can be used just about anywhere you like and the other forces you to remain in your dwelling or place of work.

Isn’t time you made the switch from your old landlines to a VoIP-based phone service? Here are four signs it’s time to switch your telecom provider:

1. Your call quality is suffering.

Do you regularly hear static or other audio interruptions? Are you prone to having dropped calls? Your traditional landline hasn’t undergone any significant improvements in recent years. And it’s not likely to be updated any time soon. MeloTel’s cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, on the other hand, uses your high-speed internet as your new phone line. This provides you with unmatched features and calling capabilities!

2. You don’t enjoy many new features.

Speaking of features, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Transfers, Incoming Call Routing and Out of Office Options are just a few of the many that come with MeloTel’s cloud-hosted phone services. But you also get access to the SIP Cloud Softphone. It is a FREE app that is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. Cloud Softphone uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data network connection to make and receive calls on your MeloTel account. Once it is hooked into your MeloTel phone system, you can start making calls using your company caller ID.

3. The customer service you receive is subpar.

Big name telecom providers have A LOT of customers. As a result, they aren’t likely to know you on a first-name basis. They also have many other people to get to so when you call, you’re not always given the attention you need. Many of MeloTel’s new clients tell us about the lack of good customer service they received from their previous big name telecom providers. The MeloTel team, on the other hand, is committed to getting our customers the answers they need, when they need them.

4. Your monthly bills are too high.

Last week, we posted a blog declaring that sometimes, being predictable is good. We were referring to the fact that MeloTel’s monthly bills are very predictable. Our clients know exactly how much they’re going to pay every month. There are never any surprises. If your current telecom provider always seems to be sticking you with out-of-nowhere, add-on charges, it’s time to say goodbye.

At MeloTel, we will offer you a completely FREE analysis of your current telecom services bill. It will help us to show you exactly how much money you’ll be able to save every month when you make the switch to our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. It’s as simple as sending us a copy of your most recent phone bill!

To learn more about the benefits of switching to MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email us at