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Sometimes, Being Predictable Is Good!

Sometimes, being predictable is bad. In romantic relationships, it can make things boring. Many struggling couples cite the old “same old, same old” adage to describe why their partnerships have taken turns for the worse. As well, when sending a text message, the predictive text and auto correct features can often completely change what you meant to say. Even a simple “How’s it doing?” in place of a “How’s it going?” can anyone feel silly.

Then again, sometimes being predictable is good. Do you have a friend you can always rely on? Are you assured that he/she will always show up at the exact time the two of you agreed to? In such a scenario, predictability is awesome. As well, being predictable is great when you don’t have to worry about surprise bills. When your relationship with a business is such that you’re guaranteed predictable costs, you know you’re in a great situation.

MeloTel has no hidden setup charges!

When it comes to MeloTel, we don’t just think that being predictable is good. We think it’s absolutely fantastic! When our clients receive their monthly bills for our Commercial Phone Services, they are assured of seeing the exact same charges every single month. To reiterate, we have no hidden setup charges. All of our monthly bills are predictable. There are never any surprises!

Not to mention, to enjoy the features of our phone services, it is not necessary to purchase and maintain costly equipment in your office. Our Polycom phones are maintained at our site and you get to use them for free! All you need is a high speed internet connection.

What’s the catch? This question is often asked by consumers when confronted with a scenario that simply seems too good to be true. We can’t say we blame them. After all, most of us have encountered countless bills from various providers that include new and unforeseen charges. We all practically expect to be gouged at some point. At MeloTel, we’re happy to confidently announce that surprise bills are never the case for our clients.

Our monthly bills are predictable for all of our services!

You don’t just have to be enrolled in our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services in order to enjoy predictable monthly billing. Have a look at our Services page to learn of our long list of offerings. They include, but are not limited to DaFeeder Telemarketing, Monitor Whisper Panel, MeloText SMS Marketing, Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire and Single Number Reach.

Let’s take a look at Single Number Reach, shall we? Firstly, as a reminder, Single Number Reach is an awesome service that enables you to forward your business phone number to any device of your choosing. That way, you can stay at home or be on the road and still make and take business calls without your callers having any idea you’re not in your office.

Now, let’s discuss the billing for Single Number Reach. With MeloTel, the service is available at $37 a month and there are no set up charges. Bell, on the other hand, charges its customers $55 a month and there is a $75 set up charge. You do the math.

Doing business with MeloTel is easy!

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