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Forever Proud To Be Canadian

MeloTel is Canada’s Hosted Company. And there is a very significant reason why we insist upon such a description of our company. MeloTel is uniquely Canadian. And it’s not just because we’re located in Canada. And, no it’s not because we have adorned the walls of the MeloTel offices with hockey-themed art and photos. It’s the amazing people that make up our nation that make us so proud to be part of them.

Diversity. Firstly, diversity is a big part of the Canadian landscape. We would argue that there is no better country to immigrate to than Canada. The social acceptance of people from all walks of life helps to make up the fabric of our nation. Being part of country where our differences our celebrated is something that we’re proud of, here at MeloTel. So it only makes sense that we showcase this pride through the members of our family.

One look at The MeloTel Team page and you’ll notice that our staff is made up of individuals from all over the world. With members of our family possessing backgrounds from Europe, South America and the West Indies, just to name a few, MeloTel itself is somewhat of a microcosm of the rest of the nation. A diverse staff, if you will, makes us about as Canadian as you can get!

Prosperity. Secondly, the Canadian economy is thriving. A few years back when the world was complaining about a global recession, our nation was slowly but surely working its way out of it. At MeloTel, we discovered, first-hand, exactly what type of resilience is owned by business owners from all over Canada. Interestingly, most entrepreneurs took the economic downturn as a sign to work harder – not worry more.

Instead of spiralling further into a financial mess, our clients rose to the occasion, adopted new ways to conduct business and found themselves prospering like never before. We were only too happy to have been a part of the rebuilding process. With VoIP technology taking off, our services enabled our clients to not only conduct business more efficiently, but save money while they were doing it!

Security. Finally, we can’t help but point out just how awesome it is to live in Canada. Look up any statistical analysis you want and you’ll find that living in Canada is far safer than living in the United States. Even as big as our hometown of Toronto is (5th largest in the continent behind Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago thank you very much!), its crime rate doesn’t even come close to cities of comparable sizes.

We feel safe here. And this is a feeling shared by Canadians all over the country. Perhaps, the biggest difference is that we don’t tend to brag about how much we love our country. This blog aside, how often do you hear Canadians going on about how great we are? Okay, don’t include times when our national hockey teams are vying for gold medals in the Olympics! Canadians, as the stereotype goes, are pretty humble.

Well, here at MeloTel, we’ve decided to put humility aside today. Canada rules! And on the eve of Canada Day, we’d like to offer all of our blog readers, clients and colleagues alike the happiest Canada Day ever! Whether you are open for business or planning to take the day to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends, here’s hoping that you’ll be happily celebrating living in best country in the world.