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Congratulations To Denise Lawrence Of Synergy Marketing!

Last month, MeloTel proudly introduced one of its newest and most exciting initiatives. We invited all of our clients who have had interactions with our technical support staff to take our awesome new Customer Satisfaction Survey. Not only do we seek to improve upon our customer service practices through the information provided by those who take the survey, but we enter each participant into a monthly draw to win $100.00!

We’re very happy to announce that January’s winner of the $100.00 giveaway is Denise Lawrence of Toronto’s Synergy Marketing! Her support ticket #615867 was randomly selected from all of the entries by our good friend Gérald Danais of ZoomFone. In fact, we posted a YouTube video that you can check out below to see the draw for yourself. MeloTel’s President John Meloche not only conducts the draw, but proudly reiterates his company’s commitment to the new initiative.

“Every single month, we’ve committed, in 2015, to give away a hundred dollars to whoever takes the time to complete our surveys,” he affirms, noting that filming the entire process is MeloTel’s fun way of proving the contest’s legitimacy. The MeloTel staff is known for having their fun – but better known for their staunch insistence on providing the best possible customer service in the telecom industry.

And while Denise’s support ticket was randomly selected to be the first winner of our monthly contest, we’re happy to report that her feedback of MeloTel’s tech support service was very favourable. Synergy Marketing is one of MeloTel’s longest standing clients and, as a result, this was not Denise’s first interaction with John himself. In her survey, she made mention of how easy it is to work with “the big guy”.

“Well, this time around I had no problems whatsoever! I was in contact with ‘the big guy’ who knows pretty much everything there is to know about the technical stuff regarding the computers,” Denise wrote, “I would say he’s well versed in that area! So if everyone on the team could be as efficient, pleasant and patient as John that would be great!” We’re all working on it Denise, we promise!

In all seriousness, we’re very pleased with the results that we’ve attained from our first month of collecting information from the Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’s not because we’re looking for praise, mind you. We’re very committed to improving upon any facet of our customer service regimen that requires improving. However, the surveys also provided us with some telling statistics about the way our clients like to do business.

The vast majority of the technical support interactions with our customers took place over the telephone. This confirms something that we’ve pretty much known all along. No matter how tech-savvy our world gets – with all of the ways to communicate online – people still prefer hearing a live voice over the good old telephone. This gives us further confidence that we’re in the right business!

Although our January surveys were all quite kind to us, we’re actually quite thankful that some entries were able to point out areas where there are opportunities for us to improve. Now that February is here, we’d like to ask you do to the same. You now have a chance to join Denise Lawrence as a $100.00 winner by filling out our Customer Satisfaction Survey this month. We look forward to learning from you and entering you into our next draw!

And, of course, any time you need help from our technical support staff, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!