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Congratulations To Brad Of Canadian POS Corporation…Again!

We are excited to announce that, last week, Brad of Canadian POS Corporation was the winner of our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey $100.00 giveaway for the second month in a row! Congratulations Brad…again! We couldn’t believe the coincidence. This time around, MeloTel’s System Administrator, Mohsin Kazmi randomly selected the winning ticket number. As you can tell by the video we posted on YouTube, the entries contain support ticket numbers only, not names.

To our surprise, when we connected the winning ticket number to the person who it represented, it was Brad all over again! He won February’s draw. We had to do a double take to make sure we weren’t seeing things. But it just goes to show you that it pays to enter our Customer Satisfaction Survey each time you have an interaction with a member of our technical support staff. Even if your phone call was a short and easy one, it makes you eligible to fill out our survey.

To be honest, we’d be more than happy if you filled out a survey after each one of your interactions with us. While we are happy to give away $100.00 to a lucky customer each month – even if that person has already won money – we are eager to learn from our clients how we can better our approach to customer service. Each one of your interactions counts, no matter how big or small the issue is that we are servicing you for.

By regularly receiving your feedback, it puts us in a better position to either maintain the excellent service levels that we insist upon or better yet, improve upon our customer service regime. Again, our Customer Satisfaction Survey is all about finding ways to offer the absolute best customer service in the telecom industry. And just one of those ways is being accessible during “off hours”.

One of the key points of feedback that has been pointed out by our clients who have filled out our surveys is that they enjoy how easy it is to contact members of our technical support staff. At MeloTel, we remain committed to providing “emergency service” outside of normal business hours. Take this past weekend, for example. It was the Easter long weekend, so we were closed for business on Friday and throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Last Thursday, on the MeloTel Facebook page, we announced that we would remain at your service for all urgent matters. And that’s because we know that your needs don’t take holidays. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise. Sometimes, things pop up that you don’t expect. And, at MeloTel, we know that it’s important that we address those concerns no matter what day of the week it is.

Thank you for providing the type of feedback that helps us to know that we’re on the right track with offering emergency service during off hours. As always, it is our pleasure to provide MeloTel’s clients with the type of service that makes their lives easier. Please feel free to continue to give us your feedback after each and every one of your interactions with our technical support staff. Remember, that each month you have a new chance to win $100.00!

It’s as simple as filling out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. There’s no telling just how many times you may end up being winner! Just ask Brad, who is $200.00 richer over the past couple of months simply because he took a few minutes to fill out our survey and provide us with the feedback necessary to help us to serve you better. Congratulations again, Brad! Think you can make it three in a row?

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