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How To Make Your Blogs Visually Stimulating

Having fresh website content is a key component to small business success in today’s world. Many of our blogs have highlighted this fact. However, it’s important to note that you can’t just post any old article. Having intriguing, engaging and useful content is what helps your website to be considered a valuable online destination for all things related to your business. Obviously, your blog must read well. But it’s important that it’s fun to look at, as well!

How can you make your blog visually stimulating?

Let’s begin with what should be obvious. Photos. A blog without accompanying pictures is going to get overlooked – it’s as simple as that. Text, by itself, on a screen is boring. There’s no plainer way to put it. It doesn’t matter how interesting your content may be, at first glance it will appear unreadable. Adding an eye-catching photo (or photos) to each blog post is a must.

Secondly, it’s wise to not have the text appear like it is part of a novel. Paragraphs that are too large will turn readers off. The appearance of “short and sweet” is intriguing to casual readers. The more your blog looks like it will be an easy read, the more likely it will be to grow its readership.

Ideally, each paragraph should be no more than three to six lines long with about five being the norm. The total number of paragraphs should be between seven and ten with the word count between 500 to 600. Naturally, this very blog provides a prime example!

As well, it’s good to have subheadings that separate your paragraphs.

Although not every blog will necessarily require subheadings, it’s a good idea to have a few in there on a fairly regular basis. By segmenting your paragraphs in this way, you show your readership that they’re not going to be reading blogs that are written in an uninteresting format. It’s smart to have a particular style to the ways in which your blogs look.

Subheadings that are presented in larger, bolder fonts give your blogs more depth as they describe what the different sections of your blog posts are about. As well, they help to break up the monotony of paragraph after paragraph. Subheadings break your blog post down into smaller, even-easier-to-digest chunks. Should any one section of your blog be more immediately interesting to a reader, he/she can go directly to it.

MeloTel’s team of Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have recently devoted even greater attention to the “visually stimulating” component of their blog posts for all of their clients. With just a few minor adjustments, their blogs have become a lot more pleasing to look at – even though they already made for great reads! By implementing subheadings with larger, bolder text and sticking true to selecting the most interesting of photos, their blogs are among the most eye-catching in the business.

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