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4 Reasons Why Employees Want You To Give Them Feedback

Some employers are afraid to “rock the boat”. They figure that leaving their employees alone to do their jobs is the best way to foster a productive and stress-free working environment. Interestingly, the opposite is true. The most talented workers enjoy positive interactions with their managers and bosses. They like knowing that their work is valued and appreciate being given direction.

Of course, as a business owner and/or call centre manager, it’s of vital importance that you have a strong handle on how to give direction. Offering feedback to your employees, on a regular basis, is an integral part of what makes your business a success. Without positive reinforcements and assistance in areas where it is needed, your staff will be unmotivated. Believe it or not, your employees want you to give them feedback.

Here are four reasons why:

1. It will help to improve their performance.

It makes sense to start with the obvious, doesn’t it? When you provide feedback to your team, you help them to correct mistakes and avoid making ones in the future. Helpful hints will offer them greater paths to producing higher sales numbers and strengthening their customer relationships. A lack of feedback will keep them on a performance plateau with little to no room for growth.

2. It will help them to develop better relationships at work.

Not everyone is a chatterbox. Many introverted individuals feel shy or nervous to speak with their co-workers. Having anyone in your office who feels like he/she doesn’t belong is a benefit to no one. Engaging in conversations with your staff members will help you get better feels for their personalities. Not only should you be encouraged to keep dialogue going, but you should advocate employee interaction. A team that’s unified simply produces better results.

3. It will help them to feel like valuable assets.

It’s important for your workers to know that their contributions are of consequence. Your feedback will help your staff members to feel confident that what they do matters. Pats on the back for jobs well done are equally as important as constructive criticism. Together, your feedback will better your employees’ performances, as it will make them feel like important parts of your business.

4. It will encourage them to provide feedback.

That’s right! Your employees aren’t the only ones who deserve to hear about how they’re doing. You can gain very valuable information from the people who work for you about how your business is doing. This is especially true for owners and managers of call centres. Their phone agents are on the front lines dealing directly with their customers.

Who better to listen to when it comes to implementing ideas for greater success? Phone agents get feedback straight from the horses’ mouths – customers. Feedback sessions that allow employees to relay ideas to their bosses, based on their experiences speaking with customers on the phone, can do wonders for a company looking to boost productivity and strengthen overall customer satisfaction.

At MeloTel, we proudly offer, what we believe to be the ultimate feedback tool for call centre managers! The innovative Monitor/Whisper Control Panel allows you to listen to calls live and as they happen. It also enables you to whisper feedback to your reps without the other parties on the lines hearing it. That way, you can help your staff members to resolve issues, answer questions and address concerns at the first points of contact.

The Monitor/Whisper Control Panel has a great reputation for boosting productivity and improving customer satisfaction at call centres all over North America! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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