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How To Avoid Giving The “Same Old, Same Old” Impression

When have you ever heard the term “same old, same old” being used in a positive way? The phrase is generally uttered to describe the mundane. So when it comes to your business, “same old, same old” is one of the last things you want people to say when describing it. It’s a must that you’re always working to generate good impressions of your business. And, in 2017, that starts with your company website!

As we’ve pointed out in numerous blogs of past, your website is where the vast majority of today’s consumers are going to discover you. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t jump online in order to research products and services that interest them. If you intend on growing your customer base, you’ll want to impress those curious online users by having a website that is regularly updated.

Why is it so important to regularly update your company website?

It goes back to not giving anyone the impression that your business only offers the “same old, same old”. If something new is happening at your place of business, it should be updated on your site. In-store events, seasonal sales, special discount offers, contests – each and every one of these occurrences should be vibrantly advertised on your website.

You have to consider the impression that your company gives off when its website is not regularly updated. In today’s world, it’s practically the equivalent of hanging a “closed” sign in your store’s front window. Many online users assume that when a website has nothing new to offer after a few days, that the business itself has nothing new to offer – ever!

How important is it to keep a regularly updated blog?

Bad impressions are especially rampant when the blog section hasn’t been updated in a while. Many web users go straight to the blog sections when they visit company websites. If the latest blog was posted in February of 2016, visitors are likely to locate other websites in order to find the businesses that they assume are still operating successfully.

Of course, companies that are fully operational may have websites with outdated blogs. But, again, the impression given is that the company has nothing new to offer. This can lead many a potential customer to assume that the company is even out of business. A strong company website that continually generates business is one that has its content regularly updated.

What else should be done to keep a website fresh?

In addition to new blogs, the site should have updated photos, new product information and timely announcements. It’s important to remember that you can only make a good first impression once. When someone visits your website for the first time, he/she is bound to make a decision about whether or not to support your company based on how good the website looks.

Does it have a sleek and professional design? Are the colours eye-catching? It is organized and easy to navigate? Is it mobile friendly? Is the blog section fresh? These are just a few of the main questions that online users will be asking when they see your site for the first time. Ensuring that the answers are all in the positive will go a long way in ensuring that your business continues to attract new customers.

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