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Highlighting 2 Of VoIP Telephony’s Coolest Features

VoIP telephones allow you to communicate with clients, colleagues, customers and co-workers in ways that traditional landlines simply cannot. Now, this is a sentiment we’ve shared in many a MeloTel blog. But, in today’s blog, we’d like to pay special attention to two particularly cool calling features that are exclusive to VoIP telephony.

It won’t be the first we’ve heralded these amazing features – and it’s not bound to be the last. It bears repeating, however, that Voicemail to your Email and Single Number Reach are two of the coolest calling features you’ll ever come across!

Voicemail to your Email.

We’ve long become accustomed to a world where voicemails are left for us in virtual telephone answering machines. We’re required to dial in to check our voicemails on standard telephones. Yes, this is an advance in technology when compared to the ancient practice of having cassette tapes record our messages left after missed calls. There are few around who recall having to rewind tapes before listening to voicemails.

However, with VoIP, the virtual answering machine era is becoming a thing of the past. As part of MeloTel’s cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, customers get the benefit of Voicemail to your Email. And just like its name indicates, it sends voicemails to your email inbox as mp3 files. This advances voicemail technology in wondrous ways as it obviously allows you to check your messages on any device of your choosing.

Naturally, you may still listen to your voicemails the old fashioned way. But, of course, if you’re on your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone, retrieving messages from your email account is just as easy. Because each message becomes an mp3, you can choose to file each of them away in folders of your choice, giving you the ability to both manage and prioritize them better. With Voicemail to your Email, it’s practically impossible to overlook an important message!

Single Number Reach.

This incredible feature makes it just as impossible to miss another important call. As you may have had us describe to you before, Single Number Reach enables you to forward your business phone number to up to five different devices of your choice. When the number is called, all five devices ring simultaneously. So whether you’re in your office, at home, in your car or in a remote location, you can be assured of getting the calls that are essential to running your business.

Excellent for business owners who are constantly on the go, Single Number Reach helps to significantly improve customer satisfaction. We’ve mentioned, in numerous blogs of past, the importance of being accessible to customers. To develop and maintain trust, it’s integral for them to be able to find you when they need you most.

As mentioned, Voicemail to your Email and Single Number Reach are only two of VoIP telephony’s coolest features. There are so many more to tell you about! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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