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How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

The advent of social media provided an entirely new way for people to communicate with each other. Today, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many other platforms are among the most popular ways to send and receive messages all over the world. Naturally, businesses have taken to social media in efforts to develop stronger followings. It only makes sense to set up and start using accounts in order to grow your reach.

It’s important, however, to use social media wisely. And by “wisely”, we mean not forgetting the “social” part of social media. Many business professionals fall into the trap of using their accounts for promotional purposes only. In order for your social media accounts to do their trick in gaining followers, it’s necessary to interact with others. Remember that social media interactions are more about growing relationships than it is launching commercials.

Show your human side.

Social media have given business owners opportunities to show their human side. It turns businesses from faceless entities into actual people. Consumers appreciate this. They love seeing company Twitter accounts respond to questions, offer anecdotes, tell jokes and comment on current events. One of the worst things you can do on your social media accounts is simply plug your brand without showing any personality.

Your social media accounts provide you with the opportunity to prove you’re not a robot. Your company is inviting, inclusive, fun and exciting. Be sure to communicate these traits so that you can turn friends and followers into customers.

Place value in building relationships.

Quality over quantity – keep that in mind. Some people get really caught up in how many followers they have. In today’s world, your follower count isn’t exactly the bragging right it used to be. What matters more is how strong the connections are between you and your followers. Have you ever noticed that some Instagram accounts have over 10,000 followers, yet the posts only garner a handful of likes and comments?

It’s much better to have a smaller number of followers who actually engage with your brand. In order to build these relationships, it’s imperative that you respond to their comments and questions. As well, don’t hesitate to like and comment on their posts too!

Provide customer service.

Yes, your company has a phone number and an email address. But when the public becomes aware that it can be helped through your social media channels, it will go a long way in growing your brand’s reputation. Believe it or not, many of today’s consumers much prefer to hop on to Facebook to get the help they need. In many cases, they simply ask their group of friends questions and await various answers.

When your company’s Facebook page becomes known for quickly answering questions, it will significantly grow in popularity. Naturally, this will showcase your brand as a dependable one. And, as you know, this garners business!

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