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A Reminder About Our Cool Current Contests

Is there anyone in existence who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? Contests create a lot of excitement simply because they give people the opportunity to get something for free. Winning is fun. And this is why contests should be a regular part of your company’s marketing strategy. And thanks to the huge popularity of social media, running a contest is easier than ever these days!

At MeloTel, we’re currently enjoying the benefits of running our “Cutest Pet Contest” on Facebook. Although we’ve run a number of contests in the past, this one is the first of its kind. We’ve asked everyone out there, whether they’re MeloTel clients or not, to post pictures of themselves with their pets. All that is required is that they LIKE the MeloTel Facebook page and then upload their photos in the comment section of our contest post.

The winner of our “Cutest Pet Contest” will receive a $100 cash prize!

And for the record, there is still plenty of time to enter. The winner will be selected by the MeloTel team and announced on Wednesday, June 20th. Feel free to visit the post HERE so that you can enter for your chance to win!

We’re excited to report that the contest has already been hugely successful in inspiring Facebook user interaction and growing our page’s likes. On, Ben Pickering highly recommends the business practice of running contests on Facebook. He’s seen such contests produce great results in the past.

“Whether you are starting with 100 or 100,000 likes on your Facebook Page, contests offer a proven way to increase that number,” he writes, “I’ve seen clients go from 50 to 1,000 and from 15,000 to 30,000 likes in a matter of days or weeks when running a contest… A basic enter-to-win sweepstakes with a lower barrier to entry often provides the best option for those just starting out with social media contests or without a large base of fans in place.”

Send us your tips and tricks for a chance to win $100!

We’d like to remind you that we also have an ongoing opportunity for MeloTel clients to win $100 on a monthly basis. It’s as simple as offering up some interesting tips and tricks that can help others either with their business or with their personal lives. By visiting our Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission form and taking a few moments to fill out the boxes, you will automatically be entered into the monthly contest for the cash.

We will use your tip or trick in a future newsletter and blog. It will also give us the opportunity to highlight your company and provide you with the potential to welcome new customers. Keep in mind that your tip can literally be about anything. Do you have creative marketing ideas for the summer? Do you have successful strategies for boosting website traffic? Do you know how to properly fold fitted sheets?

Share your awesome tips and tricks and earn yourself some extra cash! If you have any questions about MeloTel’s current contests, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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