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The Benefits Of Posting And Writing Articles On LinkedIn

We like blogging. No surprise there, right? We post a new blog to our website on what is almost a daily basis. Considering that we offer blogging services through our talented Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire, it stands to reason that we practice what we preach. We live by the credo, “The more content, the better”. Thanks to our blogging practices, our website is never outdated.

Perhaps, more importantly, our regular blogging ensures that our social media accounts are never outdated as well. Each time a blog is posted to the MeloTel site, we go ahead and place links to those blogs on all of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s important to point out that the third social media platform on that list is designed especially for business owners.

Are you posting content on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows us to do something a little special. Instead of simply letting us post links to our blogs on the MeloTel profile, the platform enables us to post the entire blogs. Using the “Write an article” button, MeloTel’s CEO, John Meloche has enriched his LinkedIn profile with articles that can also be found on the MeloTel website. Posting blogs on LinkedIn doesn’t just make for great reading, it helps to build a professional’s profile.

In his own LinkedIn article, Rob Driscoll explains that the platform gives business owners special benefits when it comes to sharing content. “When you write LinkedIn articles, you are writing as a professional,” he writes, “People will read what YOU have to say about YOUR area of expertise. Anything you write or post will connect to you and your place of business/brand. Therefore, by producing high quality LinkedIn articles that inform and explain your expert knowledge, users are able to trust you.”

A post and an article are not one and the same.

It’s important to note the difference between “posts” and “articles”. A “post” is meant for short blurbs. In a post, you can provide a few sentences to enlighten your readers and add a photo or video if you’re really trying to inspire engagement. In many cases, posts include links that direct users to other websites. On the MeloTel LinkedIn page, we regularly post links to our blogs. However, an “article” is the basic equivalent of the blog itself.

“Articles should generally be longer form in nature than when using ‘Post,’ which means they should be anywhere from about 400 words to 2,000+, and they should answer a question, explore an issue, and/or provide insights to the reader,” explains Amanda Munsch in her own LinkedIn article, “You can always add links within your content to third party research, blogs, etc., to add credibility or to refer to an external piece, but the majority of the content in a post should be your own original thoughts.”

Allow MeloTel to do your “linking” for you!

MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire can do a lot more than simply compose your blog content for you. The team can also post your articles to your social media profiles and/or have them posted as LinkedIn articles too!

For more information about how we can bolster your LinkedIn profile, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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