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5 Reasons To Never Miss Important Phone Calls

For some people, there’s nothing worse than being ignored. And that’s what it feels like when a phone call, email or text message goes unreturned. Such occurrences can often end friendships as arguments ensue over the meaning of the neglected reach out. In the business world, an unreturned call or message can receive an even worse response. When a business relationship is lost, money is lost. And that’s always bad for business.

The thing is, most business owners have such busy schedules that not returning phone calls is an oversight – not indicative of the way they handle business. When you’re on-the-go and have so many devices with which you keep in touch, it stands to reason that a message or two may get lost in the sauce, right? Well, MeloTel offers an incredible feature that can put an end to unreturned or missed phone calls.

It’s known as Single Number Reach! An amazing option for small business owners on-the-go, Single Number Reach is a virtual phone number system that allows you to forward a local phone number to up to five different phone numbers of your choice! That way, you can be reached on five different devices through one phone number. You’ll never miss another important call again! And here are five reasons why you never should.

1. To gain trust. Trust is at the core of any good relationship – business or personal. Without it, the relationship cannot continue in a positive way. By making yourself accessible to your customers, you gain trust that encourages them to want to work with you for the long haul. When you’re regularly hard to get a hold of, customers will tend to feel that you’re unreliable and may have thoughts about working with someone else.

2. To gain an upper hand on your competitors. Speaking of having your customers work with someone else, it can all be avoided by picking up the phone the first time. Don’t give your customers reasons to consider going elsewhere. When you can be counted on to answer your calls, your customers will have no choice but to focus their attention on the relationship that you are fostering.

3. To gain loyalty. A strong, growing business relationship is one that spawns a loyal customer. That means that people will not only work with you one time, but they will be encouraged to continue to come to you down the road. There’s nothing like loyal customers as they are major parts of what keeps your business successful. Always being able to be counted on is a great way to build a loyal client base.

4. To gain referrals. You know what one of the best perks about a loyal client base is? They help to build your client base into a larger one! There’s arguably no better way to promote your business than through word-of-mouth. And when you answer those calls each and every time they come in, you earn loyal customers who won’t hesitate to recommend you to their family members and friends.

5. To gain friends. Perhaps, one of the greatest aspects of running your own business is that it affords you the opportunity to make new friends. After all, your charming personality is bound to endear you to people who will end up caring about you for more than just the products and services you offer! Making yourself as available as possible to those who call you will earn you great deals of admiration and respect.

For more information about our Single Number Reach feature, please call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!