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5 Things To Consider Before Beginning Your Blog

MeloTel is excited to offer North American business owners the opportunity to significantly grow their customer bases through content marketing. For many years, our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have been composing thought-provoking blogs for a wide variety of industry professionals. These blogs have helped to develop their websites into regularly-visited hubs for information that often transition website visitors into paying customers.

Do you have a regularly-updated blog on your website? If not, there’s no better time to start than right away! At MeloTel, our blogging staff is made up of articulate and crafty writers who know how to captivate readers. However, their blogs are only as strong as the direction given to them by our clients. So, with that, it’s important that we point out your role in developing strong blog content for your company website.

Here are five things to consider before beginning your blog:

1. Who is your target audience? It’s important that your blogs have a “voice” that speaks to particular types of people. Naturally, those people should be the types who are most likely to support your brand. Who is it that you want your blogs to communicate with? What types of individuals predominantly make up your customer base? Establishing your audience is one of the first steps to crafting the perfect blogs.

2. What topics will your blog cover? Blog topics can cover just about anything you want. However, it’s wise to keep them focused so that they all relate back to what your company has to offer. Many business owners like to have their blogs centre on current events, tackling modern-day issues that are related to their industries. Others prefer for their blogs to be written as advice columns that can provide timeless information. What do you prefer?

3. What “voice” do you want your blog to have? Earlier, we referred to the fact that blogs represent the “voice” of your company. They are direct forms of communication with your target audience. So, quite often, it’s a good idea that they are written in similar ways to how you speak with your customers. For some businesses, it’s appropriate to have a voice that is casual, friendly and humorous. For others, it’s best to keep things professional and product-focused.

4. How many blogs do you want posted per week? Frequency is one of the most important ingredients to a successful blog. The more content that is updated on your site, the more reasons you give readers to keep coming back to it. Ideally, a company website should update its blog section at least two or three times a week. Some businesses prefer to blog daily, while others prefer to blog weekly. It’s an important factor to consider.

5. Will you utilize social media to plug your blog? At MeloTel, we highly recommend this. Especially if you’re just starting your blog, you’ll want to quickly grow its audience by tweeting and posting links to your latest entries. Each MeloTel blog has a link posted to our company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Naturally, it helps to spread the word about our blog while encouraging other social media users to visit our website.

For more information about how to get MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire blogging for your company website, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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