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5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

In our last blog, we revisited the very topic of blogging and outlined a few ways that it can boost your business. It goes without saying that having a company website is important. But it needs to be underlined that having a regularly updated website is the way for it to generate legitimate business for your company. There are certainly many benefits to having a blog. So, if you don’t have one on your company website, you should consider the reasons to start it up.

Here are five:

1. It communicates the personality of your brand. These days, consumers aren’t just interested in products and services. They are interested in the cultures of the businesses they support. For example, if your company is environmentally friendly, it will endear itself to like-minded individuals. There are those, of course, who will pay extra for products without harmful chemicals in it. A blog helps to communicate to the public the values of your brand.

2. It serves as a great customer service tool. Many blogs are often used as sources of information about a brand’s products and services. Potential customers can come to your site looking for information, find your blog, and discover the benefits of working with your business. Even if your readers don’t immediately become customers, they will take interest in your site for the useful information it provides.

3. It serves as a great lead generator. To reiterate a point from our last blog, a regularly updated website encourages return visits. The more visits you get, the more chances you receive to welcome new customers to your customer base. Naturally, your site should make it easy for people to find ways to contact you directly. And the best blogs generally incorporate calls-to-action that include your contact information.

4. It will help you rank higher in search engines. Our last blog also highlighted the fact that regular blogging can assist your website in getting more respect from Google. If you’re interested in having your site pop up in searches that are related to your industry (and who wouldn’t want that?), you’ll want to have a newly updated blog on your website on a regular basis.

5. It will showcase your expertise. Trust is and always has been an important element of any relationship. When you place new blogs on your website, it helps to demonstrate how much you know about your field of work. People like working with experts. It helps them to trust that the products and services being provides are of high value. Your blog gives you the opportunity to show off your skill set, knowledge and experience.

MeloTel’s our team of Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have an excellent handle on how to make your website more inviting, informative and reputable. If you’re looking to grow your visibility in search engines and welcome more visitors who can be converted into customers, adding a blog section to your website is certainly the way to go.

For more information about how our bloggers can begin blogging for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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